26 Maret 2016

PAF SF-260TP up for Repairs

26 Maret 2016

PAF SF-260 training aircraft (photo : PAF)

MANILA (PNA) -- The Philippine Air Force (PAF) has allocated Php33,055,587.49 for the acquisition of spare parts needed for the maintenance of one of its SIAI-Marchetti SF-260TP training aircraft.

Submission and opening of bids is on March 31 at 9 a.m. at the PAF Procurement Center Conference Room, Villamor Air Base, Pasay City.

This was disclosed by PAF Bids and Awards Committee chair Brig. Gen. Nicolas Parilla in a bid bulletin posted at the Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System.

Prospective bidders should have an experience in a similar project within the last five years.

The SF-260 is an Italian light aircraft marketed as an aerobatics and military trainer.

It was designed by Stelio Frati, originally for Aviamilano, which flew the first prototype of it (then designated F.260) on July 15, 1964.

Actual production was undertaken when SIAI Marchetti purchased the design soon thereafter and continued with this firm until the company was bought by Aermacchi in 1997.

The military versions are popular with smaller air forces, which can also arm it for use in the close-support role.

The PAF is known to operate between 10 and 18 units of the aircraft in its inventory. 


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