14 Oktober 2009

Cambodia has Revealed Major Military Power

14 Oktober 2009

The troop with AK-47.

Cambodia has revealed major military power. As well as missile combat aircraft with GRAD rocket manufactured in some former Soviet Union with tanks that are also good condition from China. Reiterate a threat of the Cambodian leader. Ever alert to fire at aircraft flying innovative Thai skies.

Brigade ceremonial parade of the 70 (Brigade 70) in Phnom Penh city after a new conversion process. The separation forces custody. Princess Maha Sena Acr feel good Hyun Centrifugal force. Out a separate independent headquarters.

The parade is to enter a very Eaik with the Pope in Saint Hyun suite 4-star general standing majestically on the vehicle commander in chief investigator. Vaidya Day Hat is showing respect by those audacious military. Set in splendid disguise. The troop train that row. What would be guns, AK-47. New cylinders manufactured in China. What is bearing rocket attack tanks.
PF-89 the Chinese Armbrust.

One of the troop missile attack aircraft. The unknown model carried out by face to show the jeep. As dozens of cars trucks again. Brought a GRAD rocket those produced in Russia over.

Is known that. During the Cold War. Cambodian military aircraft have a ground to air missile attack in possession of many, including a SAM7 with SAM3 produced in the former Soviet Union.

The new generation has been destroyed by many. Under the director of the U.S. government fear that terrorism will fail to hand weapons to terrorist groups across the nation. And a threat to commercial aviation in the world.

T-55 Main Battle Tank.

The Pope had said Hyun Jensen armed combat aircraft to fight the "offense" of Thailand, if needed.

Cambodian leaders to warn Thailand. Beware the flying aircraft. Be advanced by the sky that the border can not prohibit soldiers not to fire a missile to be shot and left to reiterate again that. Although several years, Cambodia will have destroyed a missile attack aircraft firing shoulder to mark the 270 balls but was then brought out a new generation of more advanced serve many more. Therefore, Thailand should be aware that good.

"I want you to tell them that. Although the missile they will have to price of $ 120,000 per customer will buy it, "King said during the ceremony Sen Hyun take science degrees. University students to Norton 975 people in the city of Phnom Penh as the newspaper reports Duncan Jumbo Wedges C Ward (Cambodge Soir).
BMP-1 armored fighting vehicle.

On the occasion of the same King Hyun Sen has confirmed the event on June 28 at the location forces guard leaders. Within the camp want that million between Saint (Tuol Krasaing) in zone B Mt Tue eyes (Takhmao) Mon Kandal (Kandal), which is Chan Phnom Penh city.

In the event a missile BM-21 "GRAD" produced in Russia. Explosion caused by carelessness of the military subordinate. Rocket hit a power bomb, but not mine. Wool into the housing of the leaders.

Fortunately the soldiers injured in the incidents, while only 2 people that Gen. Hill Hear d d Boon (Hing Bunheang) Commander in Chief. Forces Protection Unit leaders said the battle lost rocket fuel on board all the number 5. All vehicles are heading to the border in Preah Vihear.

Hyun said the Saint King of this on June 30 that the rocket lost in this event is only about 1% of the military use only. Each child cost of $ 3,000.

Do not want to talk. Cambodia has the rocket medium. Both larger than this "the most powerful leader said.

Past opposition to human rights organizations in Cambodia, alleged that the army is less that 70 "private army" of Pope Saint Hyun associated with the logging and forest crime history. With human rights violations as high.
FN-6 Surface to Air Missile. (all photos : Thaifighterclub)

Cambodian government has issued an ordinance earlier this month edition. Separation forces guard leaders from the brigade by Gen. Hill 70 d of Boon Hear (Hing Bunheang) Commander in Chief. The brigade moved to a command. Headquarters Guardian leader.

Gen. Tea Banh Deputy prime minister and Defense Minister discusses issues with the media this week in Phnom Penh city early. According to the separation from each other is to strengthen the unit, both units are important. The brigade will be at 70 combat units that are clearer. Similarly, the special forces that guard the Prime Minister to the separation. Set a separate headquarters.

"All in all a surveillance unit leaders. This is not surprising, "said Cambodian Minister of Defense. The details do not agree to disclose. แต่ก็กล่าวด้วยว่า But they said that. In addition to surveillance and family leaders. The new unit will also engage in joint operations with other combat units. With the military.

"The new headquarters is the mission of safeguarding security of the leader and you will need to join (mission) as well as other countries that border protection," says Rose Beach police environment (Ros Chhorm) Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Defense. said.

But sources said the new combat units. Forces leading to the Guardian under the command of Pope Saint Hyun, especially with the Commander. Gen. Hill d d Boon Hear. A brigade commander at the senior level special.
Analysts have said. Protection Unit is leading Cambodian troops least 4,000 people in the camps housing the leaders of this military unit and also a battle to be the most advanced weapons. With the military.

Armed forces army advanced. Have been trained very well be out of a show. Bush Nra acts surveillance lady Neil Jensen Hyun (Bun Rany Hun Sen) to do the ritual on Preah Vihear in the month. August last year.

Many outsiders see a major change this image adjustments. Since the past. 70 soldiers from the brigade who had to evict people from the area. Used to suppress the crowd. Intimidation of trade union movement.

Opposition to safeguard human rights organizations. Soldiers from this brigade. Is responsible for the spa explosion killed during the march in 2540 which killed 16 people said the radiation equation opposition leader has been seriously injured.

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