25 Januari 2011

DTI-1 MLRS Hand Over to RTA

25 January 2011

DT-1 Multiple launch Rocket System (all photos : TAF)

Delivering multiple launch rocket system prototype a DTI-1 to the Army

Today, Defense Institute of Technology (Public Organization) or the DTI has a ceremony to deliver multiple launch rocket system prototype a DTI-1 to the division artillery at his Army division artillery. A product derived from the transfer of technology from abroad. The master plan for missile research and development to security, the Ministry of Defence has been prepared. The Minister in the Ministry of Defence , Commander in chief, Chairman and Director of Defence Institute of Technology (ITD), Division Commander of artillery Including senior military officers from all three force Troops and artillery of the Division also attended the ceremony, which is the launch of the first tasks of the DTI as well.

Work starts with the report of Gen. Thitinan Thanya Siri, director of the DTI about the coming of the multiple launc rocket a DTI-1 which is constructed from receiving technology transfers from foreign countries. DTI's mission is to build and further development to the Thai Armed Forces stationed in the next.

Then Minister of Defense Gen. Prawit Wong Suwan, along with senior military officers ceremony to deliver the underlying did this missile system. The Minister of Defence to open the curtains to the press launch of a DTI-1 rocket publicly.

Later Air Chief Marshal Herns Pun Si Chairman of the DTI to deliver weapons to the list, the Minister of Defence to forward to Gen. Praiutht Monday Ocha commander in chief and delivered to a Major General Chamnong Sukit the Division Commander of artillery as a user.

After the military was walking multiple launch rocket system, a DTI-1, which before that, the division artillery was firing demonstration set of this missile system by missile system using the regular troops of the 711th artillery battalion that has been trained to work with this missile system. This missile system consists of two car spaces. The first car as a car packed with rocket dock rocket carried four shots of the car and another car fired a shot at the podium, which is installed with 4 shots can be fired with the fire control room in front of the car.

After receiving the target position to make a shot then. Rider will be moving to a location where fire. The vehicle will have stand number four hydraulic legs, which will press down on the floor during the fire to secure to the car.

Troops will use data from many parts of the evidence or to determine the angle shot direction angle sector to adjust the firing platform in place that can be fired accurately. Except for the coordinates of the target will be fired then. Weather information is also required to keep the ball moving a projectile rocket that runs toward the goal. The car will be on the fire control room, where troops use the computer to find the necessary values and process the evidence came out firing.

After the shooting evidence. Troops will raise more platforms in the corners and angle direction is determined out of the region. The firing platform can be upgraded to either an automatic lift, which will be controlled from the control room, shooting and hand-raised by force by aiming the camera mounted inside the vehicle.

After firing platform into the correct position and ready for firing and then. Troops regularly checks the vehicle's electrical firing platform for the last time to make sure everything is ready system. Ask permission before shooting.

The actual shooting. The ball ran to the rocket fire from the platform at speeds around Mach 5 or five times the speed of sound. And travel time to the target at a distance shot far at 180 km approximately 2 minutes of firing can be either shot pan each meeting and fired a Seeoy is set and the ball rockets an appointment with a radius of destruction was about a field football.

When shooting finished. Missiles can be loaded cars containing the new rockets and four shots within 20 minutes to be ready to shoot again In the current system rocket several barrel a DTI-1 is a general missile that is not the way the DTI project to develop navigation systems for installation with rocket a DTI-1 to increase the efficiency and accuracy in shooting a lot more.

Minister of Defense, said during an interview at one of the reporters. In the past, Thailand imported samples bent arms from abroad. This is a budget issue to a foreign country. And there are several limitations that could not supply weapons they need. Ministry of Defence has a policy to promote national defense industry by using the Institute of Defence Technology (ITD), a research agency and develop a prototype weapon systems to force to strengthen the army and the nation.

Director of Defence Institute of Technology (ITD), said the one that the defense industry is a challenging task but if done successfully. In addition, Thailand will have an opportunity to use weapons and self-produced. Technology ownership in Thailand can also make maintenance and development of weapons systems to improve their next In addition to strengthening and building self-reliance and the military. Research and development to create knowledge to improve the country's science and technology, boost economy and create jobs for the Thai.

This roll-division artillery, as the prototype implementation will be multiple launch rocket a DTI-1 to the training and trial to find flaws and make recommendations to the DTI to develop a missile system in the next version.

(Thai Armed Force)

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