24 Februari 2012

Singapore Next-Gen Concept Rifle

24 Februari 2012

Well hidden under a plastic, transparent cover of a conceptual prototype of a new Singapore rifle next generation, shown for the first time at Singapore Air Show 2012 (photo : PK Sengupta)

During the Singapore Air Show 2012 ST Kinetics presented a conceptual model of the new generation rifle. The design is developed in the classical system and bullpup.

Family of weapons called Next-Gen Concept Rifle (NGCR) was shown in Singapore in three models: two in the classical system (including a variant of rifle-grenade launcher) and in the bullpup system. It is not clear whether the weapons are, like the Polish MSBS-5, 56, based on a common chamber, the castle, or whether it be two separate rifles, which will be characterized by a high interchangeability of parts. The differences between the prototypes shown at the exhibition would show the parallel design rather two rifles, which are divided among themselves as much as possible components.

Regardless of the structural system, in addition to the standard version will be available also with a shorter barrel sub carbine and sniper rifle with a barrel of greater length and rifle-grenade launcher with a suspended 40-mm grenade launcher (currently STK 40GL). Addition, the weapon has to be adapted to future soldier systems, including the Singaporean individual combat system Advanced Combat Man System (ACMS).
Model for Next-Gen Concept Rifle in the bullpup system. For NGCR in the bullpup system as a standard, just as in the SAR-21 is planned for an optical viewfinder with 1.5x magnification with a laser pointer to, and for a variety of classical or holographic sight collimator mounted on the universal mounting rail (photo : ST Kinetics)

Next-Gen Concept Rifle was designed by ST Kinetics, a subsidiary of ST Engineering. Regardless of the structural system is to be supplied with ammunition 5.56 mm x 45 and operate in accordance with the principle of using the energy of powder gases discharged through the side hole in the barrel, with a short gas piston. ST Kinetics promotes NGCR been used as the successor to 5.56-mm rifle butt in the system SAR-21, introduced to arms in 1999.

Comparison NGCR without iron and classical. Weight of the latter is expected to be 3.3 kg, and 805 mm length of foot flask in the extended position and 740 mm in the summary. Kolb is not folded to the side and is equipped with buccal pad with adjustable height (photo : ST Kinetics)

In contrast to the older weapons, new construction is to be fully adapted to the shooters right-and left-handed, and all keypads should be equally accessible. Similarly, the SAR-21, Next-Gen Concept will be powered rifle with a 30-cartridge magazine made of transparent plastic (removable with a gun earlier generation), which allows to evaluate the remainder in the middle of the number of munitions or as an option, with the standard M16 magazine. Rate of fire arms to be at the level of 600-900 rds. / Min, slightly higher than the SAR-21, which amounts to 450-650 rds. / Min. Standard switch the type of fire is to be 3-position (described pictographs settings: secure, fire and single fire mode), but the manufacturer is assumed to introduce an optional serial some blasting fire.

Next-Gen without iron Rifle concept is to have smaller dimensions and weight of about 25% smaller than previously used by the army automatic rifle Singaporean SAR-21. Weight of the latter is 3.82 kg in the basic version and a length of 508-mm barrel, 805 mm, and without iron 3 kg, a length of 700 mm (with a barrel measuring 368 mm) (photo : PK Sengupta)

Next-Gen Barrel Rifle concept is to have a length of 368 mm, or 14.5 inches, the same as the American Colt M4 rifle. Jump the grooves is to be - depending on the needs of the client - 178 or 305 mm. This will allow you to use the weapon to the newer, heavier 4.0-g projectile cartridge 5.56 mm x 45 NATO, which is used in the M16A2 and the most modern rifles or lighter 3.56-g bullet cartridge older 5.56 mm x 45 M193 . The latter include powered M16/M16A1, but is also used in a standard army rifle Singapore - SAR-21 in the bullpup system. This follows from the fact that Singapore przezbrajaƂ the new weapon of M16S1 and wanted to maintain the interchangeability of ammunition between the old and new structures.


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