06 Oktober 2014

10 of 21 Refurbished ‘Huey’ Helicopters Now in Philippines

06 Oktober 2014

PAF UH-1H Huey helicopter (photo : Triztan19)

Ten out of the 21 refurbished UH-IH “Huey” helicopters are now at Clark Air Force Base in Angeles City, Pampanga, a military observer said Saturday.

The aircraft are now undergoing inspection and flight testing.

The remaining 11 are expected to be delivered within the end of the year, the observer added.

These planes were acquired as the Philippine Air Force’s “Huey” fleet was whittled down to just 18 helicopters, from an estimated 100, due to airframe aging and accidents.

The contract for the 21 refurbished UH-1Hs is estimated to be worth around P1.2 billion.

It was signed earlier this year with Rice Aircraft Services Inc. and the Canadian company Eagle Copters Ltd. 

(Manila Times)

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