25 Desember 2014

Fourth Submarine HQ 185 Khanh Hoa Continued Sea Trials

25 Desember 2014
HQ-185 Khanh Hoa (all photos : Thanh Nien)

(TNO) submarine HQ 185 Khanh Hoa in the sea port of St.Petersburg to continue testing. Forum Military Airbase (Russia) said plant Admiralty put subs HQ 185 Khanh Hoa further sea trials from 17/12.

HQ 185 Khanh Hoa is electric submarines - Kilo class diesel 636.1 factories closed Wednesday for Vietnam Navy during shipment 6 pcs. Three units were handed over, including HQ 182 Hanoi, HQ 183 Ho Chi Minh City, and HQ 184 Hai Phong (was on his way home by cargo ship Rolldock Star).

Earlier Russian news agency Interfax said the Khanh Hoa submarine is in handover preparation phase for Vietnam, probably in quarter 1 - 2015.


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