30 Desember 2014

US Donates Light Transport Aircraft Sherpa C-23B to Philippines, Estonia, and Djibouty

30 Desember 2014

C-23B Sherpa (photo : pan)

The Estonian Air Force will take delivery of two light transport aircraft Sherpa C-23B+ as a gift from the United States in 2015.

The aircraft will swap out the Antonov An-2 Soviet-era airplanes, currently in use.

The Sherpa C23B+ planes were built in the United Kingdom and like the An-2s, can land on soft surfaces such as grass.

The aircraft have three crew members and can carry up to 36 passengers, flying up to 468 kilometers per hour to maximum distances of 1,900 kilometers. The Sherpa is suited for missions requiring an aircraft that is capable of faster, higher-altitude and longer-distance coverage than helicopters. It has a low operating cost due to its simple, robust construction.

The Estonian Air Forces uses light transport planes for artillery observation, practice for anti-air units, observation missions, medical evacuations, transporting parachutists and for other transport missions.

The aircraft will be delivered to Estonia in 2015, once the pilots and technicians have completed the necessary training.

The Philippines and Djibouti will also receive similar aircraft from the US.


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