02 Januari 2015

Marines to Get 'Personal Role Radio Units' This 2015

02 Januari 2015

PMC will distributing personal radio units to Marine contingents (photo : blackfive)

MANILA (PNA) To ensure better communications with its ground units, the Philippine Navy (PN) announced that it will be distributing personal role radio units to its Marine contingents starting first quarter of 2015.

"These will be used by Marines primarily for communication in short distances to enable section commanders to react quickly and efficiently to rapidly changing situations, including contact with the enemy, greatly increasing the effectiveness of infantry fire teams," Navy vice commander Rear Admiral Caesar Taccad said.

He added that the system is easy to use through its "simple man machine" interface.

Taccad said that the "personal role radio units" is unobtrusive and comfortable to wear yet rugged enough to sustain the harshest environment presented by active front line operations.

"The use of the 'personal role radio units' will greatly enhanced combat effectiveness by providing all informed communications to front line soldiers, replacing traditional methods based on shouting and hand signals," he stressed. 


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