07 Desember 2015

DAMEN Crossover Ships

07 Desember 2015

Damen Crossover 131 Amphibious series (all images : Damen)

Damen kali ini merancang kapal untuk angkatan laut yang disebut sebagai Crossover, dinamakan demikian karena dengan platform yang sama kapal ini dapat digunakan dalam kategori yang berbeda : Kombatan, Auxillary, Patroli, dan juga Amfibi. Damen menawarkan kapal ini dengan panjang mulai dari 115m dengan berat mulai dari 4500 ton.


Crossover XO Series

Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding (DSNS), a member of the Damen Shipyards Group, has the capability and track record to produce and deliver quality, fit for purpose ships to the highest standard, on schedule, at competitive prices, giving clients the best value for money.

Perfection through close Cooperation 

Design, engineering, production and selection of equipment all takes place in consultation with the
customer, resulting in a perfect match to their requirements and ensuring exceptional performance.
 State-of-the-art integrated combat systems
 High level of comfort with low inboard and underwater radiated noise
 Extremely low vibration levels even at max. power
 Fast, highly manoeuvrable, silent, sea friendly
 Operational and sailing perfection

Designed to reflect various Operational Profiles

The Crossover Series’ development was based on several operational profiles, which is reflected in their respective type names. Hence, the Command, Control, Communications and Combat systems are preselected accordingly, ready to be tailored to customer requests.

Smart Use of Standards Resulting in Low Costs

DSNS’s vast experience in applying a clever mix of commercial and naval standards and specifications results in the required naval quality and systems characteristics, while achieving low support costs through the competitive pricing and availability of the applied Commercial Off TheShelf (COTS) solutions.

Modular Building System

DSNS offers pre-designed, customised options for payload areas, Command & Control, weapon, and platform systems. Working through the requirements with the customer, DSNS is able to select the most suitable - tailored - platform configuration. In addition, the modular building system is ideally suited to fulfil any economic development requirement and to involve local yards in the construction process. 

Flexibility for the Future

On top of traditional naval warfare tasks, today’s navies face growing challenges in the field of Maritime Security and Humanitarian Aid & Disaster Relief (HADR). The number of tasks increases while the number of ships remains the same or even decreases. Fully developed to execute current tasks and cater for future capabilities, the Damen CROSSOVER is the ultimate mission modular naval concept. Pivotal to this innovative solution is the so-called X-Deck - a single, flexible deck to handle, store, operate and deploy mission equipment, fast RHIBs, as well as landing craft. As multiple modes of access and handling are provided, future systems, unknown at present, will be able to be fitted and operated.

The Best of Boyh Worlds, The Navies Littoral Enabler

In recent maritime operations navy ships were increasingly sent out on missions as single ships. Future ships need to be self-sustaining, self-reliant and capable of dealing with threats effectively. The Damen CROSSOVER is autonomous, agile, robust and powerful. At the same time, integrated operations - Navy and Marines on a single mission - have become common practice.

The Damen CROSSOVER has been developed as a new hybrid ship concept to address these combined trends. With the fighting power of a frigate, it has the endurance, versatility and flexibility of an amphibious ship.

The Damen Crossover Built on Proven Technology

Combining and projecting the success of both the ENFORCER LPDs and the SIGMA Combatant Series, Damen has created a unique class, the CROSSOVER. The Enforcer philosophy guarantees a flexible arrangement of deck spaces, optimum internal logistics and vital infrastructure. The Sigma Series’ “genetics” provides a proven hull form capable of high speeds with low vibrations and excellent ship handling properties, even in extreme conditions. 

Enabling a Wide Operational Profile

 Maritime Warfare (AAW/ASuW/ASW)
 Special Forces / Amphibious Operations
 Humanitarian Aid / Disaster Relief (HADR)
 Maritime Security & Maritime Safety
 Strategic transports
 Search and Rescue (SAR)
 Replenishment & Logistic 
 Mine Counter Measures (MCM) Operations
 Unmanned vehicle deployment (AUV/UUV/USV)
 Hydrographic Survey Operations

Survivability Features

The CROSSOVER design includes various essential, though
cost-effective, survivability features/options:
 Compliance to damage stability requirements
 Damage control facilities & Fire-fighting systems
 Signature Enhancements:
Noise control, RCS Shaping, IR suppression, Degaussing
 Vulnerability enhancements:
NBC Protection, Shock proofing, Blast bulkhe


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  1. kapal perang buatan damen crossover fast combatant 139 paling bagus past buat tni al kapal angkut moderent masa depan multi roll buat perairan dangkal dan laut bebas . tunggu àpa lagi pak menhan dari pada kcr kcr mending desain mantan penjajah belanda ajak kerja sama tot yata .

    1. Tumben nyales barang antek londo.. biasanya jualan lo barang russia. :p

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