26 Desember 2015

Ukraine Denies the Possible Refusal of Thailand Tanks "Oplot"

26 Desember 2015

Oplot MBT of the Royal Thai Army (photos : skyscrapercity)

In the Ukrainian military-industrial complex refute the information about the possible refusal of Thailand tanks "Oplot". Ukraine will supply Bangkok under a contract to manufacture a large batch of these machines for the Armed Forces of the Kingdom.

As stated in an interview Gazeta.ua representative national defense, notice of a possible breach of contract, worth $ 240 thousand. Can be customized both for political reasons and because of the high competition on the arms market.

"This could be bribed and custom information" - expressed confidence the source. - This practice on the arms market exists. In fact, the contract is implemented, its implementation - is funded. "

The interviewer noted that "contracts are often executed with a delay."

According to the media on Tuesday, Thailand created a special committee on the purchase of new tanks to unleash "impasse" with the receiving tank BM "Oplot" of Ukraine. This Defense Express newspaper writes referring to Thai web resource aagth1.blogspot.co.id. The Committee considers as options to purchase two types of tanks - Russian T-90 (in variants of the T-90S or T-90MS) and Chinese (presumably VT4 / MBT-3000). Selection options defined requirement Thai army tank to have 125-mm tank gun, which eliminates the Western model. The decision on the choice of the type of tank should be adopted in the coming months.

It is reported that representatives of the Thai Committee has visited for exploring both variants of their manufacturing plants - respectively, Russian JSC "SPC" Uralvagonzavod "(May 2015) and the Chinese company Inner Mongolia First Machinery Group (plant number 617) in the group Norinco (in October). It is claimed that the cost of Russian proposals lower than the Chinese.

September 1, 2011 Thailand signed a contract with Ukrainian state company "Ukrspetsexport" worth more than $ 240 million to purchase 49 new tanks BM "Oplot" plus two armored repair and recovery vehicles based on their maturing by the end of 2014. 

Implementation of the agreement Kharkiv State Enterprise "Plant. Malyshev" delayed. At that time Thailand was only ten tanks on it - the first five "Oplot" were delivered by sea to Thailand on Feb. 4, 2014, and subsequent five - May 31, 2015. Now the Ukrainian side promised delivery of five tanks in early 2016.


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