26 Desember 2015

Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Artillery of the Vietnamese Army

26 Desember 2015

ZSU-23-4 of the Vietnamese Army (photo : soha)

Self-propelled anti-aircraft artillery is one of the important components of "fire the grid" low-level protection fatherland sky.

1. ZSU-57-2 Ob'yekt 500 self-propelled

ZSU-57-2 (Ob'yekt 500) is self-propelled anti-aircraft guns of the Soviet Union was first produced in large quantities. "ZSU" stands Zenitnaya Samokhodnaya Ustanovka (Russian: Зенитная Самоходная Установка), which means "The system self-propelled anti-aircraft artillery" link located on the chassis. "57" is the caliber of the gun per unit mm and "2" is the number barrel equipped on the vehicle.

Design work ZSU-57-2 start in 1947 and end in 1954. Sang to 1955, self-propelled guns were officially accepted into the Soviet army personnel, mass production stage which lasted from 1957 - 1960 with over 2,000 systems shipped.

ZSU-57-2 of the Vietnamese Army (photo : devianart)

Basic Specifications: weight 28.1 tons; 8.46 m long (including barrel length); 3.27 m wide; 2.71 m high; 6 people fighting crew. Vehicles are equipped with V-54 diesel engine capacity of 520 horsepower for a maximum speed of 50 km/h on good roads (30 km/h on a bad road), 420 km range on good roads (320 km on the bad road).

Bodywork flak ZSU-57-2 self-propelled basically simplified version of the chassis main battle tank T-54 with armor thinner (only from 8-15 mm) and subtract 1 row bearing. On the chassis is large turret, opens up on the roof, in turret 2 57 mm anti-aircraft guns L/76.6 S-60 (or S-68A) with the number 300 bullets.

Self-propelled anti-aircraft artillery Soviet ZSU-57-2 was widely aid to allies under the Warsaw Pact, as well as in Asia and Africa. Vietnam People's Armed Forces received small amounts of ZSU-57-2 in the middle stages of the war against America.

Basically, the ZSU-57-2 was evaluated as a weapon failed due to artillery S-60 despite relatively strong power (effective range of up to 6,000 m), but slower rate of fire (max 210-240 tablets/minute), carry less ammunition, adding that the lack of radar and can not shoot while moving. In the Soviet Army and many other countries (including Vietnam), ZSU-57-2 was soon replaced by more Vietnamese ZSU-23-4 advantage.

ZSU-23-4 of the Vietnamese Army (photo : soha)

2. ZSU-23-4 Shilka 

Self-propelled anti-aircraft ZSU-23-4 (small shield) was Soviet military designs in 1957-1962 with the aim of overcoming the disadvantages mentioned of ZSU-57-2. Despite a shorter effective range but still regarded Shilka better than its predecessor thanks to a high rate of fire and is equipped with fire control radar can track targets from a distance of 6-10 km.
ZSU-23-4 is equipped for air defense Soviet army in 1962, mass production phase in 1964-1982 with a total of 6,500 systems. Currently ZSU-23-4 versions still in Russian army service and all the other countries that use.

Basic Specifications: weight: 19 tons; 6.535 m long; 3,125 m wide; 2.576 m high (including radar); 4 person team combat. Vehicles equipped with diesel V-6R capacity of 280 horsepower for a maximum speed of 45 km/h on good roads (30 km/h on a bad road), range 450 km on good roads (300 km on the bad road).

Bodywork flak ZSU-23-4 assault was amended on crawler chassis GM-575, the type also used in amphibious tanks PT-76 . On 4 turrets flak 2A7 type 23 mm caliber with 2,000 rounds, rate of fire of 4,000 tablets/min, can hit targets flying at a speed of 450 m/s, an effective range of up to 2500 m.

Compared with the Shilka ZSU-57-2 has been in Vietnam for later, in the final stages of the war against America. However, due to limited amount of aid and the Vietnam team are not really familiar with weaponry so self-propelled antiaircraft artillery is hardly leave any significant mark on the battlefield.

Currently ZSU-23-4 is the main role of the army air force Vietnam. In addition to non-duty design, when necessary, self-propelled gun can also lower the barrel to become a means of fire support for infantry very effectively.

BTR-40 AAA of the Vietnamese Army (photo : vietbao)

3. Armored vehicles BTR-40A and BTR-152A

In addition to 2 self-propelled antiaircraft gun dedicated on, Vietnam People's Armed Forces also have the service two armored vehicles used as non including BTR-40A and BTR-152A. These are two military armored vehicles carrying convertibles are converted by adding non-machine gun ZPU-2 (KPV 14.5 mm) up the trunk.

The armored vehicles BTR-40A non of Vietnam Soviet aid in the mid-1950s, it implemented major operations on Truong Son route to protect transport convoys. Currently, BTR-40A whole of Vietnam have eliminated border.

BTR-152 AAA of the Vietnamese Army (photo : NgheAn)

Also BTR-40, in the early years of the Vietnam war against America also received both armored BTR-152, however it was carrying military version BTR-152V. The BTR-152A armored version currently used non perhaps because Vietnam Army Order for conversion.

Recently on TV people's army appeared the first image of  armored 
BTR-152A by Vietnam to upgrade, you can see the car was new turret installed 1 more modern replacement for layout "simple" original.


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