04 Oktober 2016

Vietnam Self-Upgrade Missile System S-300PMU1

04 Oktober 2016
S-300 PMU1 of the Vietnamese Army (all photos : Soha, Baodatviet) 

Newspapers said the A29 plant currently has self repair and upgrade different types of radars, including radars 36D6 of S-300PMU1.

A29 Factory (Department of Engineering) is the center of weapons and equipment repair technicians (VKTBKT) air defense units south of the Air PK-KQ.

In particular, the factory has been on investing some equipment repair new generation weaponry such as diagnostic testing equipment failures (vector - M16); Maintenance of radar stations 36D6 (MTO); Control means measuring the parameters of a new ammunition.

Thanks to this device, but from 2014 to now, factory tested, modular repair of ammunition 19 S-300PMU1 missiles ; Kasta radar-2E2 and especially the 7 modules of advanced radar system 36D6. By the end of 2016,

The plant will receive and put into operation equipment failure diagnosis ATK electronic board of Belarus. This equipment will contribute to capacity building overhaul of ammunition modules new technology.

When talking about Vietnam decided to equip 36D6 radar system for missile S-300PMU1, in early 2014, says magazine The Diplomat is extremely wise choice of Vietnam always considered whether the radar 76N6 is 'peephole' of this air defense complexes. So what is the reason for this choice?

Clam Shell 76N6 radar system is fitted to the S-300 complex specialized tasks start and stick low-altitude targets. This is a radar frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) is designed to identify, detect and track low-flying targets with radar reflector area (RCS) small, especially cruise missiles.

Clam Shell is responsible for the detection of targets flying at low altitude and very low in the environment near the ground clutter in the environment as well as electronic jamming strong. The system is capable of automatically captured and processed cling target, 76N6 will provide the parameters required for fire control radar of S-300 complexes.

FA-51MU antenna consists of two parts Clam Shell transmitter and receiver, separated by a barrier in the middle to avoid overflow signal from the transmitter to the receiver. Antennas are usually mounted on 28-meter high tower or towers 40V6M 40V6MD 40 meters high.

Clam Shell discovered RCS targets 0.02 m2 only move at the speed of 722 m / s. Target aircraft at a height of 450 meters will be 76N6 detected from a distance of 92.6 km, if targets flying at an altitude of 914 meters, the range not less than 120.38 km reconnaissance.

The system has a power consumption of about 1.4 kW, while the technical error occurred expected not less than 100 hours. Distinguish targets in cluttered environments and eliminate the interference by scattered cloud technology FMCW are two prominent features of 76N6 Vietnam.

The plane, if not equipped with radar warning receivers compatible with FMCW technology will be very vulnerable when operating in areas with Clam Shell deployed.

Whatever be appreciated but Vietnam did not choose 76N6 for S-300 complexes that instead 36D6 radar system. According to published statistics, 36D6 Tin Shield with similar functions 76N6 radar.

And the reason for this choice is by radar 36D6 was assessed more advantages than 76N6, it is resistant to interference active and passive noise very well. Processor 36D6 radar capable of scanning electron beam at altitudes from -20 +30 degrees. Antennas can scan 360 degrees within 5-10 seconds.

Tin Shield can handle 120 simultaneous targets, including 30-60 goals in automatic mode. The information is displayed on screen as characters facilitate the operation crew in reading data.

36D6 stick caught only RCS targets flying at a height of 0.1 m2 50 m from 27 km away. If targets flying at an altitude of 100 m, the detection range is 42 km. Range reconnaissance with 1 m2 RCS targets flying at an altitude of 6,000 meters up to 175 km.

Ability electronic beam scanning and tracking the number of goals at the same time more than two reasons for choosing Vietnam 36D6 radar for low-duty arrest instead 76N6. Besides, 36D6 radar technology appropriate to upgrade to more modern standards.


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  1. Veitnam mah ... baru medeka tapi urusan pertahanan negara hemm .... patut di tiru indonesia .

    1. Iri ya.. sama dong. Haha

    2. Tanggal kemerdekaan Vietnam 2 September 1945. Tidak sampai satu bulan lebih muda dari Indonesia.
      Kalau anda tidak setuju dengan itu, menurut anda kapan Indonesia merdeka? 1950, 1963 atau 1998?

  2. Vietnam negara yg dr dulu anggaran negaranya fokus ke arah militer. Tapi ekonominya tetap aja berkembang pesat melebihi indonesia.

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