18 November 2009

China Makes More Armor Float

18 November 2009

ZBD-97 amphibious tracked armored vehicle with 122mm howitzer (photo : Eatpork)

China has produced a line of amphibious artillery systems that are mounted in the 20 ton ZBD amphibious tracked armored vehicle.

The latest model mounts a 122mm howitzer in the chassis. An earlier one mounted a 122mm gun in a small turret.

The ZBD-97 with 100mm gun, features a turret similar to that of the Russian BMP-3, which is mounted on an indigenously developed hull (photo : Military Today)

The ZBD 97 is an amphibious infantry fighting vehicle, with a 30mm autocannon (or a 100mm gun/missile launcher) in a small turret.

The crew of three is accompanied by seven infantrymen in the rear.

The ZBD, in the form of the ZBD 97 infantry fighting vehicle, has been in service since 2006.

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