27 November 2009

L-CAT: Admiral Boarded

27 November 2009

L-CAT at the Mistral (all photos : mer et marine)

The prototype of the new landing gear designed by CNIM continues its testing Toulon harbor. On board, the delegations will succeed, including visitors from foreign navies interested in the concept of Landing Catamaran.

L-CAT has max speed (empty) 25 knots and full loaded 18 knots.

On Monday, the L-CAT has produced a new demonstration of plageage St. Mandrier with carrying the Vice Admiral Yann Tainguy, prefect of the Mediterranean Sea. The Navy is the first customer for the new gear.

The cockpit on the starboard.

On 15 June, CNIM was rewarded the contract for the acquisition of four amphibious landing gear fast (EDA-R), with option for four more units.

L-CAT when landing.

Intended to equip the buildings Projection and Command (BPC) Mistral type, the top four EDA-R, built by shipyards Socarenam Saint-Malo, will be delivered in 2011 and 2012. 30 meters long with a width of 12 meters, they can carry a load of 80 tons at a speed of 18 knots (the maximum payload capacity is 100 tons). An empty, they must be capable of speed over 25 knots.

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