16 November 2013

Vietnam Began to Operate AD Star Radar

16 November 2013

IAI ELM-2288 AD Star ground-controlled interception radar (photo : Defense Update)

The Vietnam Air Defense Force Started Operating the Israeli ELM-2288 AD-STAR Radar

According to some undisclosed sources, after 6 months of installation and field testing, the ELM-2288 AD-STAR is fully operational. This is a big improvement for the Air Defense Force and it has increased the early warning and detecting capability of the Vietnam Air Defense Force.

Performance of the Radar :
- Instrumental Range: 480km
- Typical fighter aircraft detection range: More than 430km (for ELM-2288ER variant which the VADF might be operating at the moment)
- Ballistic missile detection capability.
- Advance ECCM capabilities.

(Don Vị Tac Chien Dien Tu)

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IAI ELTA announces new contracts
29 Maret 2012

Israel Aerospace Industries' (IAI) subsidiary ELTA systems has announced the recent signing of a series of new orders for its 3D fire control radars, SATCOM network system, AD-STAR radar systems and its tactical short range air defence radar. The contracts, announced 27 March 2012, are worth a total of $106 million.

Under a $39 million contract, the company will supply an unnamed foreign customer with the high-performance 3D Fire Control Radar for its ground-based Surface-to-Air (SA) defence weapon systems. The Fire Control Radar detects tracks and identifies high manoeuvring targets such as fighter aircraft and various missiles. The target data is then transferred to the SA weapon system which consequently locks on the target. The radar's high performance is achieved by implementing AESA (Active Electronically Steered Array) technology for the radar's full compatibility with the weapon system's accuracy requirements. 

In a separate contract ELTA will supply the ELK-1891 SATCOM satellite-based network system and the ELK-1894 wideband SATCOM Data Link system to a foreign customer. This contract is worth $30 million. The ELK-1891 is a full duplex SATCOM On-The-Move network designed for uninterrupted Over-The-Horizon communication among its subscribers. The network can support up to 128 subscribers, on different locations within the Communication (GEO) Satellite footprint. Range of communication can reach thousands of kilometres, according to the coverage of the satellite providing service to the network. Each subscriber could be either static or mobile as the antenna in use tracks the Geo-Stationary Satellite.

The ELK-1894 is a wideband Point-To-Point SATCOM On-The-Move Communication Data-Link. It allows high speed data transfer, and is mainly employed for Special Mission Aircraft such as maritime patrol aircraft, airborne early warning & control, SIGINT (Signal Intelligence), airborne SAR platforms and MALE (Medium Altitude Long Endurance) Unmanned Airborne Systems (UAS). 

Additionally, ELTA has been awarded a $33 million contract from a foreign customer to supply an advanced 3D long-range air defence and air traffic control radar (AD-STAR). The AD-STAR, designated ELM-2288, is a 3D S-Band radar system designed to support air defence, early warning and traffic control missions in complex clutter environment. ELM-2288 provides high accuracy and highly reliable 3D data of detected targets, initiating automatic target tracking.

ELTA Systems was also awarded $4 million contract to supply the ELM-2106NG 3D Tactical Air Defence Radar designed to support ground forces to protect themselves from attacks of helicopters, airborne battleships and low flying fighters.  The radar detects a large variety of airborne platforms, providing accurate range, azimuth and elevation measurements for each target and enabling to take effective protection measures against the threats endangering the tactical ground forces. A foreign customer decided to select ELTA Systems' radars as a solution for its ground forces protection missions


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