17 Januari 2014

Self-Propelled Gun Made in Vietnam

17 Januari 2014

105mm truck mounted howitzer made in Vietnam (all photos : kienthuc, datviet)

(Kienthuc.net.vn) - self-propelled gun built by Vietnam itself is placed on the base chassis truck tires, equipped with 105mm caliber artillery.

Recently, the newspaper  Quân đội Nhân dân published the article  “Thượng tướng Đỗ Bá Tỵ chỉ đạo bắn kỹ thuật, chiến thuật các loại hỏa lực tại Quân khu 5”. It is worth noting that newspapers have published photographs of the self-propelled gun is annotated: "Lieutenant General Do Ba Ty and Department of Defense missions test 105 self-propelled artillery."

Observe the image, we can see here is most likely due to self-propelled guns Vietnam to design and manufacture. Artillery was placed on a truck chassis military tires (which may be the Zil car or Kamaz, Ural). Guns used 105mm caliber, high possibility that M101 105mm guns produced by the U.S., which seized our troops after 1975. Also, the Soviet artillery is most size-152mm 122-130.

Size 105mm M101 howitzer designed by American producers from the 2nd World War, weighs 2.26 tons, 5.94 m long, equipped with 105mm barrel size for a range of 11.2 km. Fireworks can shoot shooting modes directly or indirectly, high accuracy, suitable for supporting infantry.

Clearly not self-propelled guns can be equipped with automatic reload mechanism or fire control system provides precision artillery than not?

Anyway, we are self-made self-propelled artillery is good news, help strengthen the ground forces are needed to modernize.

Currently, the army equipped with artillery also had self-propelled artillery (cannons 2S1, 2S3 Soviet Union) but not so many.

105mm self-propelled gun is now on display at the military training center National 2. Where the shoot will take place the kinds of firepower in staffing levels infantry divisions to serve the conference and draw experience from the fire building, sports training and military schools will be held tomorrow 15/1.

Lieutenant General Do Ba Ty, member of the Party Central Committee, Standing Member of the Central Military Commission, Chief of General Staff, Deputy Defense Minister to lead delegation Department of Defense direct the shoot new engineering curriculum weapons in staffing levels Infantry Division.

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