22 Mei 2015

Bushmasters to Get Self-Defence Upgrade

22 Mei 2015

Bushmaster protected mobility vehicle (photo : Thales Australia)

The DMO’s Land Systems Division (LSD) is delivering an upgrade that improves Army’s Protected Mobility Vehicle (PMV) self defence capability, now and into the future.

LSD recently signed a $6.5 million contract with Australian company Electro Optic Systems (EOS) to refurbish and upgrade 45 EOS remote weapons systems (RWS) used on the Bushmaster PMVs. This contract also includes the introduction into service of the refurbished systems.

The upgraded RWS will provide significant self-defence capability enhancements, according to the PMV Sustainment Manager, Luke Crampton.

“Improvements include upgraded sensors, a new Australian-designed stabilisation system that provides ‘shoot on the move’ capability, video tracking, video recording and enhanced C4I integration support,” Mr Crampton explained. 

“These enhancements will bring the PMV’s upgraded RWS into line with EOS armoured vehicle turrets, used on tanks and other heavy armoured vehicles.

“Armoured vehicles turrets  are typically 10 times more capable than the  RWS and more costly; however, this upgrade means we get a similar capability for the Bushmaster at a much lower cost.

It’s a win-win situation in terms of capability and value for money”

By synchronising an upgrade to the RWS with post-operations refurbishment, LSD has also achieved an estimated $2.3 million saving in Commonwealth resources.

The first 20 of the new systems, which will be delivered to the 3rd  Brigade by September 2015, will  be used in an evaluation program designed by Army to help determine future RWS requirements.


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