06 Mei 2015

Malaysian Army Sets Out Plans for More MBTs

06 Mei 2015

Malaysia could be in the market for more PT-91 MBTs from Poland. (photo : Jane's)

The Malaysian Army is seeking an additional regiment of main battle tanks (MBTs) along with self-propelled artillery, according to army Chief General Raja Mohamed Affandi Raja Mohamed Noor.

Malaysian Army's G5 155 howitzer (photo : panggilan pertiwi)

In a written reply to IHS Jane's to questions about the army's development plans, Gen Raja Affandi said the army needed an additional tank regiment to be equipped with either an upgraded version of the PT-91M MBT that is in service or an MBT with similar capabilities.

"The requirement of this additional regiment is to cater for the establishment of a new armoured brigade, which is still in the planning phase. The army's Planning and Development Branch is currently studying the requirement for this armoured brigade of the future."


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