17 Oktober 2018

Tatarstan President (Russia) : Vietnam Plans to Buy More Gepard Missile Defense Ships

17 Oktober 2018

HQ-15 Tran Hung Dao when visit in Japan (photos : Soha)

Vietnam is negotiating to buy more Gepard missile defense vessels from Russia and could be built at the Zelenodolsk plant in the Republic of Tatarstan.

Mr. Rutstam Minnikhanov, the Ambassador of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Vietnamese Ambassador to Russia, Mr. Ngo Duc Manh, had discussions on projects in the military and other fields.

"Military products with KAMAZ trucks, helicopters, and four Gepard warships have also been handed over (to Vietnam) and as we know, the Vietnamese side is also planning to continue buying frigates Zelenodolsk plant's Gepard missile, " Minnikhanov said.

He also noted that Tatarstan and Vietnam had many opportunities to cooperate: "We have good relations at various levels of government, expanding trade, economic and investment exchanges," said the President of the Republic. said Tatarstan.

Earlier, there were reports that Vietnam and Russia had negotiated the third batch of Gepard (No. 5 and No. 6) from 2015. These sources also agreed on a pair of ships The third batch will be equipped with modern missiles.

Renat Mistahov, CEO of the Zelenodolsk plant, has revealed that they plan to install the Klub-N instead of the Uran-E missile system on Gepard ships. If the plan to build the third batch Gepard is realized, the high capacity of these vessels will be equipped with the Klub-N missile.

Russian Gepard class frigate Dagestan 691 with Kalibr NK missile (photo : defencecyclopedia)

At the launching ceremony of the pair of Gepard ships on 4/27/2016 with Vice Admiral Pham Ngoc Minh, Deputy General Director of Zelenodolsk factory, Alexander Karpov said that both sides of Vietnam and Russia ready to sign the agreement to close the third batch Gepard ship.

According to Karpov, the Vietnamese side wants to have the Gepard model that Russia uses in the Syrian battlefield. This means that the Zelenodolsk plant is equipped with the Kalibr-NK missile launchers.

The start of the shipbuilding depends on the time the contract is signed. Each Gepard missile defense mission takes about 3 years on average.


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  1. Why Vietnam dont buy PT PALs made plastic ship?????

    PT PAL made ship are consist of Plastic made class A.
    - Engine are source outside of Indons and it install Kubota Engine from Japan.xixixi
    - Sensors are 100 % made in Indons coming from Komodo Dragon Sensors Ptd. of Indonesia,
    - Missile are made in USA and soon to be Indons will say it that it is made locally.
    - Navigation systems are made in Indonesia in an unknown company. Wow
    - propeller are made in Indons but source in Papua New Guinea.xixixi

    Proud of Indons 100% made PT PAL SHIP. SO Vietnam would have no excuse to buy Indons made Plastics ship to transport Vietnams products such as Rice, Coffee, corn, cereals, cow, goat, dogs, cats, rats, spider, worms, snails, garbage etc.

    1. Malon jealous to see indonesia is successfull built its military industry Wkwkwk

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    3. Kubota engine are great though

      the sound of the engine itself makees Pla navy trembling while chinese girl moaning over memory the joy of Nanking

    4. Are you fucking serious phirdaws ady? You are going to use an infamous japanese war crime from WW2, The Rape of Nanking, and turn it around by making it sound like the chinese women enjoyed getting raped? Are you fucking serious? How fucking stupid can you possibly be? I get that you want to bash the malon idiot. But don't do it in such an unbelievably fucking idiotic way.

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      call me paranoid or schizo whatever i wont stop trolling them back until they stopped their Dezinformatsiya agenda with their trolling.

      that crime were not infamous in 1970s up to 1980s when Japanese company flooding China with their investment.
      the failed Chinese people Reformasi in 1989 changed all that,
      propping up nationalism based on ambiguous facts in order to distract their people from internal politic seems successful to keep the country united when only one party literally monopolize the flow of information.


    7. It IS idiotic.

      I don't care who the fuck you think are trolling here. Malons, chinese, russian, american, whatever, using a WAR CRIME and an actual CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY as a comeback is idiotic.

      That is like saying "the jews love getting burned in an oven during the holocaust and cannot wait tobget burned again when they hear the sound of german engines" or "we indonesians can't wait to get enslaved and torchered vy the japanese again when we hear the sound of japanese cars on the road". See how fucking idiotic that is?

      Who the fuck cares? Two wrongs don't make a right and accepting investment doesn't make it okay to twist war crimes like that. Plus, THE CHINESE ARE CLEARLY STILL DEMANDING THE JAPANESE TO ADMIT THEIR CRIMES AND APOLOGIZE FOR IT EVEN NOW.




      Trolling is fine. Making fun of war crime victims while thinking that it is okay makes you a total retard and as shitty as them.

    8. are you seriously using mass media which are known as the mouth of Chinese communist party?

      Scmp literally a controlled opposition which based on hongkong look up their obvious shilling regarding Palu earthquake which Indonesia refused the help from China.

      who the fuck cares? the chinese seem cares they even didnt bother 4 Japanese prime minster already apologizing which each ones in different era and why Iris chang the chinese american jurnalist who released the book Th rape of nanking in 1997 suddenly died a few days before there were a convention to challenge the subject
      Monopolizing the flow of information to their citizen will only prop up such mentality which they think that they are the sole possessor of 'truths' and 'historical facts' under siege and that those 'truths' will prevail, if only they are widely and correctly disseminated in the international community just like i said it was used as propping up nationalist passion and to form new identity in globalized world and of course a distraction from China internal politic.
      The same thing also happened to my country regarding 1998 and 1965 which they keep bitching that my people killed thousands of chinese indonesian in 98 and hundreds thousand in 65.

      Thinking okay to make political agendas out of war crime victims seems shitty as myself not retarded but cunning if we are going to be pragmatic here

    9. You are really missing the fucking point and that makes you retarded.

      The point is japanese "apology" has been non-apologies masked as "apologies" ALL THIS TIME. China, South Korea, etc. HAVE been constantly complaining about this.

      Second point is, making fun of WAR CRIME VICTIMS IS RETARDED. Doesn't matter what you think. Even MORE retarded is painting the picture that the victims ENJOYED it and CAN'T WAIT FOR IT TO HAPPEN TO THEM AGAIN. That is 1. shitty and 2. retarded.

      The fact that you keep defending your SHITTY behaviour with UNRELATED bullshit makes YOU look just like the trolls, IF NOT WORSE. At the very least, none of the trolls stooped so low as to do what you did.

      Trolling to counter the trolls is FINE. Look at HOW all the other indonesians here do it. THAT is PERFECTLY fine.


      That is NOT trolling, that is just being fucking retarded.

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  5. guys gimana nih?

    Su-35 doesn't have AESA radar though. It utilized a PESA radar so it's "eyes" can be easily jammed since it functions on a single frequency. AESA radar is a feature on the Gripen and every other Western 4th gen fighters. The Su-35 does possess superior maneuverability with its 3D thrust vectoring but this can be a weakness in battle since it temps the pilot to perform maneuvers that rapidly bleeds energy, leaving it stuck in the air which can be fatal. Also, in today's information-centric warfare, the side whose units can coordinate better definitely has a better chance of winning. That means coordination between pilots, ground control, AEW&C, and other units to ensure victory. Countries utilizing Russian equipments generally have a glaring weakness in this regard since their military purchase is often predicated on pride and fashion, rather than functionality.

    There's also the logistics aspects, the Su-35 costs more since its a twin-engine fighter, and the thrust provided by the 2 powerplants are more than offset by its heavy weight. It has far more weight than the Gripen per sq meters of wingspan, so its engines will have be more powerful and work harder for it to fly. This means its fuel consumption is horrendous. All this means higher maintenance costs. Additionally, unless its for the Russian Air Force, export variants are definitely of poorer qualities. The Russians are notorious for exporting inferior models that was derided as "monkey models". But this policy is also the reason why they are willing and able to sell arms to anyone and everyone since studying Russian equipment from its export model will not tell you much about what the models used by the Russian military themselves are. And whether you're the Russian or other operators of the Su-35, you'll suffer from the high costs and logistic problems associated with the low production numbers (36 so far), and despite how similar it looks to the Su-30 (and the fact that they had the same suffix of Su/Sukhoi), the Su-35 actually has little commonality of parts with the Su-30 (which is mass-produced in the hundreds) as they are produced by 2 rival companies, KnAAPO (Su-35) and Irkut (Su-30 series). This is the reason why Russia has not ordered many Su-35, preferring to continue with the tried and tested Su-30 and why countries like India (Russia's largest overseas weapons customer) continues to order Su-30 over offers of the Su-35. All these meant that you can field more Gripen for the same life cycle costs of a single Su-35.

    The last issue why the Su-35 is an inferior fighter to many other Western 4th gen models has to do with ownership of the plane itself. Russia is notorious for refusing to provide any ToT. Even India, its no. 1 customer for decades has looked to Europe to source its weapons now as it has plenty of complaints with delays and reluctance of Russia to provide even those ToT which it has already signed and agreed to (T-90 program is one). But the biggest gripe has to be its refusal to provide control over the source code. Although to be fair, the US is guilty of this as well. This ensures that you can never use those planes when you go cross the interests of the plane's country of origin. European models is a bright spot since it usually provide plenty of ToT for the purchaser if asked and most importantly, control over the source code. This means more independence in usage and hence policy.

    1. Hehehehe... Grippen aja yuuk ???


    2. Truth hurts
      namun apa daya forum Jktgr sudah dianeksasi propagandis2 beserta pengikutnya

    3. di jktgr bnyk yg taklid buta ama russian. yaa dr awal jg tau klo SU35 g pke AESA radar. tetapi tdk sepenuhnya bnar jg bahwa SU35 itu inferior dr segala aspek dr pespur gen 4 milik barat. isu spare part, maintenant g cuma bwt prod rusia kok,. eurofighter german jg bnyk yg mangkrak, gripen Afsel jg ada masalah serupa. kunci utama itu buget. karena smua pabrikan amrik/eropa maupun rusia sudah sgt bisnis oriented.

    4. Dboys anda benar...
      Money Matters..!

    5. tapi money juga sometimes ora matters
      ingin menjaga kerahasiaan dan keunggulan teknologi meskipun sekutu dekat lagi ngebet pengen punya superioritas udara
      liat tu jepang yg ingin alih teknologi F-22 namun kongres as tetep dugem geleng2
      situasi kebijakan politik juga berpengaruh

    6. pertanyaannya kenapa TNI AU lebih memilih su-35??? apakah TNI AU asal milih tanpa ada hitung2an dr aspek strategi dan maintens nya???? waahhh berarti ada beberapa oknum yg diluar TNI AU berasa lebih paham apa yg dibutuhkan TNI AU ketimbang orang2 yg ada di TNI AU sendiri,,,waahhh hebat bener tu orang bisa lebih tau dr TNI AU sendiri,,,mantappppp kwkwkwkwkkkk

    7. berarti orang2 di dalam TNI AU bodoh2 karena telah memilih SU-35??? wah tepuk tangan buat yg berasa lebih paham dan pinter,,,aku hanya bisa bilang pasti ada alasan kuat kenapa TNI AU lebih memilih SU-35, ingat SU-27 indonesia itu sesungguhnya su-35 besic' dan aku yakin orang2 yg ada di TNI AU lebih cerdas dr mereka yg berasa dirinya sok lebih paham dan pinter.

    8. ini baru namanya staiment bertanggung jawab dan bukan staitment pemikiran liar media yg terkadang punya unsur2 provokasi,,apakah TNI AU sebodoh itu nyolot pertahankan pembelian su-35 tanpa memperhitungkan strategi dan maintens nya???
      ingat pembelian su-35 ini dibayangin sanksi catssa tp tni au tetep nyolot mempertahankan pembelian su-35, pembelian pespur suatu negara pasti dipengaruhin masukkan dr para pilot negara itu sebab jelas mereka yg lebih tau secara detail keunggulan tiap jenis2 pespur.

    9. The one that doesn't know the value of twin engine aircraft, doesn't know the value of life. There's a reason the F/A-18 came into being. They should save arguments like that for UCAVs.

  6. Lontooooongg !!!!

    Menghitung hari....

    Gambar lontong yg ada red and white nya udah ada di def.pk

    1. No Link = Hoax.. 😆😆

    2. Horeee....
      Besok ada berita baru lagi..😁😁😁

      (dan komen lucu-lucu jg tentunya)


    3. Komen lucu yang bisa dinanti :
      1. Plastik
      2. Tampal stiker
      3. Jahit
      4. Las

      Hayo taruhan komen itu yg keluar
      Kalo nggak ada komen itu minta traktir mbahyut smili kambing balap


    4. Mbahyut smili siap dan ikhlas menraktir anda semua, dibayar dengan uang pribadinya yg seharusnya untuk sekar dirgantara


    5. Klo kapal selam ini gw kurang jelas jg infonya. ToT yg kita dapat apa sekedar jahit blok2 yg udh jadi dari korsel atau kita jg ikut membangun sebagian bloknya

    6. benar sekali om.. tadi lihat videonya di youtube, warnah hitam yg mengkilap ditambah balutan sang saka merah putih.. uluuuuuhh.. uluuuuuuhhh.. siap2 besok waktu peluncuran Indonesia bikin gempar sekawasan. 😄😄😄😄

  7. https://ekonomi.kompas.com/read/2018/10/17/190646426/rapbn-2019-disepakati-target-pendapatan-negara-rp-21651-triliun








    1. Amin...semoga terwujud bro dan kita dapat nantinya membayar utang malon sebesar Rp 3600 triliun itu bro

    2. Yng bener prediksinya 2030 ekonomi kita di posisi 5 besar dunia dengan prediksi GDP $5.486 trillion dollar, 2050 di posisi 4 dunia dengan GDP $12.210 trillion dollar

      Jelas prospek Indonesia kedepan sangat cerah

  8. tadi di pt pal...kapal selam sudah dibungkus merah putih...siap diceburin....malaysia makin jeles


  10. Wusss tinggal pilih Iver ato de seventh ? Kalkulasi dulu harga kosongan dan isiannya...

  11. Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.

  12. ...kalau benar terealisasi RAPBN 2019 sebesar Rp 21651 Trilyun, maka ;

    Indonesia bisa membeli PETRONAS dan KUALA BERUK seharga HUTANG Malassia Beruk sebesar Rp 3600 Trilyun dan menaikkan Anggaran Militer menjadi 2 % GDP sebesar Rp 432 Trilyun / tahun

    panas, panaaaaaaaas, panaaaaaaaaaaaas

    ...Xixixixixixi :D

  13. Balasan
    1. Lha om PS dah punya lontong sendiri kok minta lontong lg ke mimin sih Wkwkwk

    2. Qiqiqi..
      Kalo ini maah 'lonthong' mat..😂

  14. Sip bro.lontong di kathoki Yo mas

  15. lontong pt pal meluncur 28 october

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