14 April 2009

Swedish Missiles, {C3I} To Boost Thai Air Defence

30 Oktober 1996

The Royal Thai Air Force will boost its capability to defend its airbases against low level attack with the acquisition of Swedish Bofors RBS-70 Mk II laser guided surface-to-air missile (SAM)systems. The contract value is 98 million baht ($4 million).The purchase involves three launchers with 15 missiles and one simulator and these will become operational next year

RBS-70 and Giraffe of the Royal Thai Army (photo : Skyscrapercity)

To provide command and control for the SAM systems, an order has been placed with Ericsson Microwave Systems of Sweden for an undisclosed quantity of Giraffe 40 radar systems. To improve naval air defence, Thailand has also ordered the SADRAL/Mistral anti-aircraft and anti-missile defence systems from Matra BAe Dynamics.

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