21 Maret 2014

Ka-27 to Take Part in the Tender for the Supply of Helicopters Decked of Vietnamese Coast Guard

21 Maret 2014

Ka-27 helicopter (photo : zgjunshi)

TSAMTO - Vietnam Coast Guard plans to purchase new helicopters to equip the fitst deck class patrol boat DN 2000 ("Damen-9014").

According to "Jane's Navy International," plans to purchase the deputy commander of the Coast Guard Major General Nguyen Khac Vuot (Nguyen Khac Vuot) during a conference dedicated to the use of patrol ships features the Asia-Pacific region.

Acquisition helicopters planned under the program equip the Coast Guard air reconnaissance, which should significantly increase the effectiveness of its actions.

Currently in service with the Coast Guard in Vietnam, there is one class ship DN 2000 hull numbered 8001.

DN-2000 is 90-meter-long ship, equipped with four engines, Caterpillar C3516C and can reach a maximum speed of 21 knots. Cruising range - 5,000 nautical miles. On the deck area is available to accommodate helicopters takeoff weight of 14 tons.

 Vietnamese Coast Guard DN-2000 (photo : Kienthuc)

DN 2000 hull numbered 8001 is first of four ships to be built at the state shipyard Z189 project company "Damen shipyard» (Damen Shipyard). Other ships are currently in various stages of construction.

According to "Jane", the Ministry of Defence of Vietnam has chosen to participate in the Ka-27 and AS-565 "Panther". Nevertheless, according to the Coast Guard, and other options are considered.

Command of the Coast Guard did not disclose the budget for the project and the amount of purchased helicopters. It is expected that the acquisition process will start in the next 2-3 months.

In addition to helicopters, the Coast Guard Vietnam also plans to purchase several aircraft C-212 "Aviocar" and mobile ground control centers for maritime surveillance operations.


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