20 Maret 2014

Vietnam Receives 2nd Russia-Made Submarine

20 Maret 2014

 HQ-183 Ho Chi Minh (all photos : VNExpress)

HANOI (Xinhua) -- A freighter carrying the second Vietnam's kilo-class Russia-made submarine was safely anchored in Vietnam's southern Cam Ranh gulf in Khanh Hoa province, media reported Thursday.

The freighter called Rolldock Star arrived in Cam Ranh gulf late Wednesday, after a voyage of nearly two months from Russia's Kaliningrad. This is the second time Rolldock Star has carried out transportation for submarines from Russia to Vietnam, state-run news agency VNA reported.

The submarine, named HQ183-Ho Chi Minh City has the same technical standards as the others in a series of six submarines that Vietnam ordered from Russia.

The submarine has an over 3,000-ton displacement, and is able to operate at a maximum depth of 300 meters and at a speed of 20 nautical miles per hour with over 50 crew members. Ho Chi Minh City submarine is said to be equipped with many modern weapons on board, according to VNA.

After arriving at Cam Ranh gulf, Russian and Vietnamese experts will pump water into the cabins of freighter Rolldock Star to release the submarine to the sea. The submarine will then be taken to Cam Ranh Port.

Earlier on Dec. 31 last year, Vietnam received the first submarine named HQ182- Hanoi and took it to Cam Ranh port half a month later. Vietnam is expected to receive the third Russia-made submarine in 2014, which will be named HQ184- Hai Phong.


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