25 Maret 2014

DRS Technologies to Provide Communications Support to Royal Australian Navy Frigates

25 Maret 2014

Operations room in ANZAC frigate (photo : RAN)

ARLINGTON, VA  – DRS Technologies Inc., a Finmeccanica Company, announced today that its Canadian subsidiary will be providing communications systems in support of the Royal Australian Navy’s (RAN) ANZAC-class frigates. 

The subcontract was awarded to DRS Technologies Canada Ltd. (DRS TCL) in support of a communications modernization contract by Selex ES. DRS Technologies Canada Ltd. (TCL) is the primary subcontractor to Selex ES. 

Under the subcontract DRS will provide all internal tactical and secure voice switching systems and terminals, including the SHINCOM 3100 central switching unit, wideband audio network data switching system, console dual screen terminals, outdoor terminals, jackboxes and ancillaries. 

SHINCOM 3100 is the latest generation of shipboard communications switch technology; and provides reliable, red/black secure tactical communications for Navy operators. 

DRS TCL will produce and deliver eight ship-sets and two shore systems under the subcontract.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for DRS TCL to deliver the SHINCOM 3100 system to the Royal Australian Navy. This system, leverages the existing installed base with the Royal Canadian Navy and the United States Navy,” says Steve Zuber, vice president and general manager, DRS Technologies Canada Ltd. “This program will allow these Navies to share key interoperability, technology and applications, ensuring that SHINCOM 3100 remains the premier internal communications system for years to come,” Zuber said.

SHINCOM 3100 Shipboard Integrated Communications

The SHINCOM 3100 all-digital Secure Voice System (SVS) integrates tactical and administrative, as well as voice and data communications. SVS interfaces with controls and manages every aspect of internal and external communications. The system architecture ensures complete end-to-end Red/Black separation through all communication paths and the analog interface exceeds all TEMPEST requirements. Multiple levels of built-in redundancy and internal battery back-up ensure continuity of communications no matter how adverse the conditions. 

The SVS terminal equipment enhances the abilities of both the commanders and the watch operators to communicate on all channels without increasing their workload. These channels incorporate Two Ears - Four Voices® 3D audio technology with Radio Noise Reduction (RNR) algorithms that further minimize fatigue over long watches. 

SVS provides the communications architecture for new-build platforms and is also backward compatible with legacy systems. For existing systems, SVS can provide improved capability and capacity. It can also replace current legacy intercom systems, baseband switching systems and ship’s service telephone systems.

(DRS Technologies)

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