20 Maret 2014

Vietnamese Army Upgraded BTR-152

20 Maret 2014

 BTR-152 of the Vietnamese People's Army (all photos : BaoDatViet)

Council technical acceptance Military Region 2 recently conducted test improved , upgraded armored vehicles BTR - 152.

BTR - 152 armored cars produced by the Soviet Army and Vietnam are now widely used, however, because the BTR - 152 has gone through many years of use, this does not fit the requirements, training duties and maneuverability, the Military Zone 2 command has directed a series of improvements focused on vehicle equipment.

Vehicle BTR - 152 engine was fitted to diesel instead of gasoline engines before, clutch assembly, new gearbox, steering system to convert hydraulic power assist; mounting system signals, lights, horn priority, rearview mirror, upgraded drivetrain, brakes, suspension runs, roof, upgraded bodywork repair, brushed rain, fire, ventilation, communication, padded seat, tire pump, maintenance contracts set, change oil, grease clusters .

After improvements, upgrade the car has been running tests on different types of roads, has been tested specifically in sports coaching in schools and perform mobility tasks. Through activities, vehicles have good technical condition, the cluster system on the car stable synchronous operation ...

Through direct and organize test for driving in different terrain, the council accepted technical improvements Military Zone 2 rated outcomes and quality of content upgrades, improvements of vehicles BTR - 152 and agreed to vehicles in operation serving coaching duties, SSCD .

Soviet BTR - 152 was designed in 1946 and mass production started in 1950-1962 with 15,000 units shipped, serving in 25 countries around the world as of this moment .

BTR - 152 chassis designed on the basis of ZiS - 151 truck, the engine is mounted in front, the cabin was located shortly thereafter and troop transport compartment located in the rear. Several variations later used ZIL - 157 chassis.

Body structure is steel welding type, armor thickness from 15 - 9mm, located at the thinnest part of the floor, 4mm. Cabin has two doors, the windshield is protected by two iron plates have slots look, have private open bar.

Rear passenger compartment troops capable of carrying 1.9 tons of cargo or 18 troops. Soldiers in vehicles with guns can fight through personal loophole on both sides of the car, on/off via car by climbing through the roof because the car does not smell.

BTR - 152 armored vehicles were also armed with a machine gun and a 12.7mm air defense machine gun 7.62 mm. Originally BTR - 152 is mounted petrol engine cooled 11.1 horsepower ZIS - 123 allows speed 75km/h (300 liter fuel tank). 


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