24 November 2015

MMEA Requires New Offshore Patrol Vessels To Boost Security

24 November 2015

A model of the Amazon OPV class from Radimax Sdn Bhd (photo  Malaysian Defence)

KUANTAN (Bernama) -- The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) requires additional offshore patrol vessels (OPV) equipped with various advanced facilities to improve efficiency and boost security in Malaysia's territorial waters.

MMEA deputy director-general (operations), Rear Admiral (Maritime) Datuk Che Hassan Jusoh said the two existing OPVs received from the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) were over 30 years old.

"We will ask the government to build a 40-metre-long maritime patrol boat equipped with facilities such as a helipad and radar and artillery systems to enable MMEA to carry out its functions effectively, in the face of any threat.

"The new vessel will be expected to set sail for 21 days and carry more food and fuel as compared to existing vessels which can only sail for a week," he said.

Che Hassan was speaking to reporters after launching the MMEA Maritime Friends Programme in Kampung Beserah Pantai here Sunday.

Meanwhile, MMEA is also expected to acquire in stages, six 43-metre-long patrol vessels built at a cost of RM370 million, beginning next year-end.


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