24 November 2015

SNAR 10 : The Artillery Radar System of the Vietnam

24 November 2015

SNAR10 artillery radar of the Vietnamese Army (photos : BaoDatViet)

In Vietnam Artillery Museum is currently showcasing a special photo radar reconnaissance system SNAR-10 very rare in Vietnam.

SNAR-10 is responsible for providing data on the location of the target fixed or mobile, said the impact of the enemy artillery as well as ensuring firepower to destroy.

SNAR-10 was discovered by sea targets and low flying helicopters. This complex is typically deployed near the infantry or artillery reconnaissance stations.

To determine the location and orientation of the target, SNAR-10 with integrated navigation system and topography device connected to the pulse doppler radar reconnaissance bidirectional wavelength 8 mm 1RL127 Big Fred put on the roof.

In pulse mode, Big Fred can not distinguish moving targets and fixed on a saturated field. To detect the object is moved, it must use Doppler mode.

1RL127 radar detection range of 300 meters to 50 kilometers from, with the motor vehicle can detect between 16 and 23 km.

SNAR-10 system is located on the chassis of armored caterpillar MT-LB multipurpose Vietnam taking very high gear, armor protection for the crew safety before personal weapons and artillery pieces.

The maximum operating range of the vehicle is 500 km, the maximum speed of 60 km / h on asphalt, 30 km / h on land lines and soft 6 km / h when wading.

In 2004, Russia undertook to upgrade combinations SNAR-10, SNAR-10M (1RL232-1M) with Credo-1E radar reconnaissance system and new digital electronics, signal processing help quickly and accurately than.

Slim recently appeared some information to know, Russia is asking Vietnam to upgrade radar reconnaissance system ground artillery SNAR-10 to SNAR-10M standards.


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