13 November 2015

Thales Revealed Configuration of the RTN's New OPV and Proposed Pattani-class Upgraded Plan

13 November 2015

Krabi class OPV (photo : TAF)

Thales reveals configuration of the RTN's new OPV and proposed Pattani-class upgraded plan.

Royal Thai Navy is on the preparation process of building its new OPV, the second of the Krabi class, and they still choosing Thales Nederland as lead system and combat system integrator. The second ship will have a higher capability. Thales also proposed the upgrade plan for the Pattani-class that, if implemented, will bring the capability to the standard of what it is on Krabi class.

TACTICOS still a combat suite for the yet-to-be name OPV. 4 MOC Mk.3 console station will be installed along with two large collaboration wall displaying the situation picture. The air-surface surveillance radar will be the rotating 2D dual C/X-band TWT Variant radar along with rotating 2D X-band FMCW LPI solid-state Scout surface-helicopter control radar. Mk X(A) TSB2525 and STIR 1.2 EO Mk 2 is the main fire control. R-ESM capability rely on Vigile Mk 2. L3 Wescam MX-10MS optronic surveillance system and Terma SKWS C-Guard, X-Band and S-Band Sperry Marine VisionMaster radar, Furuno ARPA radar will also be installed.

The ADS-B and AIS are also believed to be install on board.

Main gun will be Oto Melara 76/62 compact stealth shield and two MSI-DSL/ATK 30 mm DS30MR Mk.44. There are also an preparation for the anti-ship missile to be installed. RTN is looking at the RGM-84D Harpoon, but if there is any export ban RTN will shift to C-802A instead. But ThaiArmedForce.com believe that the Harpoon deal, if it is exist, will go through consider United States just approve the additional sale of RIM-162B ESSM to the RTN. The two Terma DL-12T will make this ship the first RTN ship that capable of avoiding the anti-ship attack.

Thales also providing the FICS integrated communication system and FOCON IP phone. Network centric mission will go through Thales Link Y Mk.2 that enable the ship to share information with allied force. Thales also integrating the Link RTN developed by Avia Satcom/Rohde & Schwarz. SATCOM will be using Cobham Sailor and underwater communication will be using Ocean Technology Systems Aquacom to communicate with diver. The LRAD also be installed for law enforcement mission.

Imtech Marine UniMACS 3000 series integrated bridge system will handle all bridge word. TACAN will be also installed. ThaiArmedForce.com's opinion is this is the indication that the new OPV will have an on-board 7 tons helicopter.

Pattani class (photo : Verasak Pratakvirya)

For improving ship HTMS Pattani and Narathiwat Thales selected plan, as well as boat OPV new vessels to a similar device in the most include changing the system at the Battle of COSYS 100 of Rheinmetall is TACTICOS. radar ground water - air from RAN-30X / I of Selex as the Variant and Scout IFF system from Selex Communications is TSB2525 and radar and optical call Knicks fire control from TMX / EO of Rheinmetall's STIR 1.2 EO Mk 2. They are equipped with R-ESM Vigile Mk 2 system Op call Knicks surveillance MX-10MS Fire Control Systems decoy SKWS C-Guard and datalink Link Y Mk 2 more for existing. Thales is connected the system TACTICOS newly installed includes surveillance radar, ground water Pilot Mk 2 (2D X-band FMCW LPI solid-state) Saab's navigation radar - controlled helicopter NSC-25 SeaScout of Raytheon Anschutz (S-band and X-band), each one set and two sets of IBS including the ICS and Raytheon Anschutz. However, the plan does not identify the datalink Link RTN and the M-VSAT SATCOM installed already on board this series.

The Thales system will connect only with naval artillery weapons 76/62 Compact 1 to be replaced with TACTICOS only without including the machine guns GI-2, 20 mm/93 caliber instead of just one second podium of Denel Land Systems as a gun after firing only on a manual (the man shot in the turret) and no mention of Harpoon missiles plans though HTMS Pattani and Narathiwat have been designed to be mounted weapon from start to build the vessel.


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