18 Oktober 2017

Russia Expands Myanmar Mi-24P Repair Programme

18 Okober 2017

Mi-35 helicopter of the Myanmar Air Force (photo : MMMilitary)

Russian Helicopters is to repair a small number of Mil Mi-24P/35P (‘Hind’) combat helicopters in Myanmar, as part of an initiative to support platforms in the country of operation instead of transporting the aircraft to Russia.

The group said that it would send a team of technicians to Myanmar from this month to repair three of four Mil Mi-24 helicopters operated by the Myanmar Air Force (MAF). Russian Helicopters said that repair work on the first Mi-24 was recently completed at the company’s Aircraft Repair Plant 419 in St Petersburg.

As part of the support programme, Russian Helicopters added that it had delivered the accessories and spare parts to Myanmar required to locally repair the MAF’s Mi-24s, reducing the timeframe required to overhaul the aircraft.

Highlighting the significance of the MAF programme, Russian Helicopters’ deputy CEO for aftersales service, Igor Chechikov, said, “This contract is extremely important for us, as we are implementing a procedure of complete overhaul of military aircraft with on-site visits [from] group specialists to the client’s territory for the first time.”

Chechikov added, “Successful completion of works will lay the foundation for [the] further development of co-operation and [the] signing [of] new agreements with our partners in Myanmar.”

The contract to repair the aircraft was announced in June 2016, and followed a framework agreement in 2015 under which Russian Helicopters committed to expand collaboration with the Myanmar armed forces. Russian Helicopters regards these deals as potential precursors to additional contracts through which the firm will support localised maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) programmes.


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  1. wah idem, klo perbaikan brg mehong emg lgs ke dealer...sama nich kyk kita, horang kayaaahh😎🤗

  2. Attack heli 4 bijik apa kelas!

    1. Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.

    2. Sabar bro... Mi35 udah koleksi 5 unit. Mudah2an mas bro dikasih umur panjang (amin) buat jadi saksi datangnya 8 unit apache.

      Heli attack total 13 unit kira2 udah kelas belum mas bro dibanding MD series tempatmu ? yg kelas ringan model MD series ini kita pun pelihara (Fennec class) tapi gak disebutkan, khawatir makin stroke.

    3. Indonesia ada 13 attack heli apache dan Mi-35,ada jg 12 heli fennec dan 16 heli NBO-105 sebagai light heli attack

    4. Mi 35 tni ad kalo di berita pernah muncul itu ada 10 unit, tapi ada juga yg memberitakan cuma 5 unit, jadi jumlah pastinya kita semua tak tahu tahu

  3. Hanya negara tarafnya MENDUNIA® sahaja bisa beli semua HELO... amerika yg kuasa besar sama rusia pun tak mampu ada pelbagai HELO... lihat bila tarafnya MENDUNIA®... bila apa sahaja pasti ada.. macam gado-gado gitu rupanya... macam-macam2 ada