10 Oktober 2017

Vietnam's Su-30Mk2 was Seen Carrying Kh-29TE Missile

10 Oktober 2017

Kh-29TE under the wing of Su-30MK2 multirole fighter of the Vietnam Air Force (photo : BaoDatViet)

Despite the shorter range of the Kh-31A and not the professional carrier-killing cruise missile, the combination of the Kh-29TE and the Su-30MK2 is still very effective.

Kh-29 (AS-14 Kedge) is a Soviet-made, short-range, short-range ballistic missile family capable of equipping Su-24 front-line bombers or multi-fighter Su-30MK2.

The Kh-29TE, which uses a TV-guided mechanism, is fitted with an optical sensor that automatically recognizes the Tubus-2 object, the missile before it launches the "target" image and after the pilot Pressing the fire button, the Kh-29 automatically goes to the "launch and forget" form.

Compared to the Kh-29T, the Kh-29TE variant has a range of 10 km to 30 km.

The launchers of the Kh-29 are APU-58 and AKU-58, which will be dropped from the aircraft before the engine is activated.

The Kh-29 carrying configuration on the Su-27/30 was six rounds, two MiG-27 Floggers, two Su-17 / 22M4 Fitter, and three Su-24M Fencer.

Although the main role is the ground-to-air missile that is used to support land-based firepower, it is capable of destroying assorted fortifications, but the Kh-29TE's 320 kg warhead is capable of sinking a wading ship. Up to 10,000 tons, its speed up to 1,250 km / h makes the enemy air defense system very hard to deal with.

KH-29TE is a short range, supersonic air-to-surface missile has max range: 30 kilometer (16.2 nautical mile) (photo : Bastion Karpenko)

The Kh-29TE is usually equipped for Su-22 Fitter, but of course the Su-30MK2 of the Vietnam Air Force also carries this type of missile at regular intervals.

Applying the low-flying tactics of the sea to reach the target and then launch the missile, the Kh-29TE is still very effective in attacking enemy ships, amphibious ships, logistic ships. .

This is a complementary weapon to the Kh-31A due to the greater number (estimated at 100) while waiting for the KCT 15 launch from the air.

Earlier this year, the article "Creation and application of science and technology for technical advisory work" published in the People's Army Newspaper said that the General Department of Techniques has directed and organized effectively implement research programs to improve and modernize weapons and technical equipment.

One of the accomplished items was the successful improvement of the Kh-29T / L air-to-surface missile.

It is possible that missile shells have replaced old technology components with new components for greater reliability.

This achievement has contributed to improving the quality of technical equipment and weapons, helping the Vietnam People's Army to better meet the requirements of the high-tech combat environment.


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  1. Mantep nih rudal. Saingan e maverick

  2. Short range ballistic misile? So maverick too

  3. wouww.. yg menarik Vietnam sdg membuat varian KCT 15 missile aka KH 35 KW varian air launch. Bravo Viet

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