09 November 2017

TAI Hopes For The T129 Order From RTA

09 November 2017

TAI T-129 ATAK (photo : Roman N)

Turkish Aerospace Industries hope its T129 will win in the RTA's attack helicopter procurement program.

"T129 is equipped with the weapon from Rocketsan and avionics from Aselsan. 29 airframes are currently in service in the Turkish Army. This morning (8 Nov 2017) we have a chance to brief the commander of RTA's Aviation Center about the capability of our T129" Eral Oguz, UAS program manager and TAI representative told TAF.

T129 ATAK is shortlisted by the RTA to compete with the AH-1Z Viper in the AH-1F replacement program. It's a variant of Agusta A129 Mangusta with Turkish weapon and avionics. Turkish Army order 50 aircrafts and has the option for 40 more.

"We believe the T129 is the strong candidate (in the RTA competition)" said Eral Oguz.


17 komentar:

  1. Berani saingan harga ama WZ-10?

    Hwihihihihi... :D

  2. Baca2 di Gugel nih mas @PS

    Price :

    - T129 ATAK = $ 55 Mil
    - AH1Z Viper = $ 40 Mil
    - WZ10 = $ 20 Mil ? --> kok murah ya ? apa saya salah ambil data ?
    - WZ19 = $ 35 Mil
    - Tiger UHT = $ 65 Mil
    - Kawasaki OH1 = $ 45 Mil
    - KA52 Alligator = $ 55 Mil
    - Mi28 Havoc = $ 40 Mil
    - AH64E Guardian = $ 85 Mil

    Ternyata heli tempur Apache TNI AD yang paling mahal ya ?..

    Terkait kebutuhan politik ekonomi Thai terhadap China.. jangan kaget kalau tiba2 WZ10 atau WZ19 yg diambil... hehehehehe

    1. Where is AH-2 Rooivalk and Agusta A-129?? seems good choice for RTA.

    2. Iki mas @ Bagus

      - Agusta A-129 = $ 50 Mil
      - Rooivalk = $ 45 Mil

      With price competition along with China's series.. no doubt in terms of "Lower Price and GeoPolitical Approachment" seems like WZ series get the scored.

      Let say RTA has $ 500 Mil Budget for Attack Helis candidate the option they have will be :

      - 9 ATAK heli
      - 12 Viper
      - 25 WZ10 or 15WZ19
      - 10 Agusta
      - or only 6 Apache Guardian

      In my perception, 12 Viper or 15 WZ19 will be the last contenders with only WZ19 gonna have strong packages (low interest loans, promising G to G to increas Export value from Thai to China for sellin sum goods and TOT as they like to have "a new" allies in south asia).

    3. hmmn, itu apache kyknya masi bs di nego byk kalo cmn heli doank.

      berkaca ama kontrak py kita loh paket heli ajah, $295jt/8 heli= $36jt/heli


      kalo pake paket helikopternya, persenjataan, pelatihan awak darat dan pilot, dan lain-lain
      $600jt/8= $75jt/heli


      kalo paket super lengkapnya,$1.42b/8=$175jt/heli



    4. yg menarik ada paket helm IHDSS, elbit g ade. 300 bijik wow😱😱😱 keren haha!


    5. Buset helm nya banyak banget mas ? Buat nambah Apache lagi ? Apa mau dicombine di heli lain ? Fennec atau chinook ?

      Btw udah SNI belum tuh helmnya mas ? πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

    6. Buset helm nya banyak banget mas ? Buat nambah Apache lagi ? Apa mau dicombine di heli lain ? Fennec atau chinook ?

      Btw udah SNI belum tuh helmnya mas ? πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

    7. uda donk, SN(I) negare elbit g ade brasal haha!πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

      kn horang kayaaaa..mknya bli byk haha!

      nambah, biar full 1 ska ato lbh.
      bisa kombain heli lain, soal merk, kita coba yg kita py aja..si cantik semata wayang awewe101 haha!

    8. Kira2 nasibnya gimana nih si heli awewe mas ? Dijual lagi ? Ditambahin 4 unit sekalian ? Atau dijadiin heli kepresidenan daripasa mubazir ?

  3. wow.....gerunnyer....kasian malaysia..,,,jom songlap

    1. Apache hanga terlalu mahal, indonesia Pak jangan buat preder pak senjata gak ada

      Saya suka ka 52 dan mi28 gak ada lagi ka52 dan mi28 ditambak jatuh di syria, pak

      Ka-52 Dan mi28 lebih murah dari nato punya helicopter

    2. Murahpun Ka-52 dan Mi-28 bila tak de wang budget kecik sama sahaje dgn mimpi

    3. Ngatain produk rusia lebih murah tapi tetep aja gak mampu beli. Bahlul bener nih org2 seberang kali

  4. Sebulan lagi datengnya... gak tahan pengen lihat yg kondean.


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