14 Juli 2018

2 New Ships DN-4000: the Largest and Most Modern Patrol Boats of the CSBVN

14 Juli 2018

Design of the patrol boat DN-4000 of CSBVN at the booth of Damen Group in Vietship 2018. (photos : Binh Nguyen)

At the Vietship 2018 show taking place in Hanoi, the document of the Song Thu Corporation introduces a very modern DN-4000 patrol ship built for the Vietnam Coast Guard.

In the context of the fluctuating world and region, as one of the most important law enforcement forces at sea, the Vietnam Coast Guard has recently been given priority in building new ships. Multi-patrol boats and modern search and rescue vessels.

In particular, the military shipbuilding industry in our country has risen strongly, building many modern patrol vessels to provide forces such as naval, marine police, fishermen, ... Typical of That is the units such as Song Thu Corporation, Ba Son Corporation, One Member Limited Company 189, Hong Ha Shipbuilding Limited Company.

These modern facilities have made a particularly important contribution to ensuring that Vietnamese law enforcement forces patrol and monitor the sea, protect the sovereignty of the sea and the island as well as protect the fishery resources. At the same time along with the fishermen on the sea to help, search and rescue when necessary, help her peace of mind on the long beach.

In addition to the "Made in Vietnam" vessels, the Vietnam Coast Guard has recently received a number of patrol boats from the United States, Korea and Japan.

On the other hand, with their internal strength and creativity, Vietnamese shipbuilders have fully mastered the technology of shipbuilding, patrol and large specialized ships to be ready to accelerate. request.

Thu Thuong closed two DN-4000 ships

Although there have been large-scale modern patrol boats such as the DN-2000 design or the Hamilton class patrol boat that we recently received from the US (numbered CSB 8020) but that was not enough, Coast Guard Vietnam still needs larger and more modern vessels, can go long sea, operating in the sea conditions.

Therefore, the DN-4000 shipbuilding project has been deployed on the basis of the help of the Damen Group (Netherlands), the DN-2000 design unit to build a series of six ships equipped for the Viet Nam Coast Guard Male (4 units) for the Vietnam Fisheries Control Force (2 units) before.

According to the brochure presented at Vietship 2018, which is taking place at the Hanoi National Convention Center, Song Thu Corporation said it would build two modern DN-4000 multi-patrol boats to equip the police Vietnamese sea.

Specifically, DN-4000 ships have the basic technical parameters - as follows: Maximum length 122,90m; Maximum width 16m; Height of the ship is 7.4m; Draft maximum 4.1m; Capacity 14.360kw; Maximum speed of 23.2 knots; Utilized by: Vietnam Coast Guard; Quantity: 2 pcs.

Estimates of the standard water displacement of the DN-4000 design vessels will have a displacement of over 4,000 tonnes and, once loaded, will be the largest and most modern vessels of the Police. Vietnamese sea.

Prior to that, in early 2015, the DN-4000 multi-purpose patrol boat was first shown at the Coast Guard Review Conference 2014 and deployed in 2015 by the Coast Guard of Vietnam and th 2 DN-4000 appeared on the report of VTV1.

According to the design, the DN-4000 ships have landing and storage spaces in sufficient space to accommodate mid-sized helicopters. In the design document, the Russian-made Ka-27 helicopter can be easily dismantled and landed.

In terms of weapons, the DN-4000 can be equipped with lightweight cannons just enough to defend and do maritime patrol duties.

Although there is no information on the progress of deploying two DN-4000 multi-purpose patrol vessels at Song Thu, it is possible to see the plan approved.

Hopefully, in the near future, we can see that these large and modern ships are on the payroll of the Vietnam Coast Guard, contributing to the protection of sea sovereignty and law enforcement in the sea. as well as ensuring the safety of life and property for the fishermen peace of mind to the sea for a long time.


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  1. gud news from vitnam.. kongrats.. meanwhile in indonesia...
    Pindad Targetkan Mampu Produksi 100
    Medium Tank di 2019

    1. dont forget, next year a submarine from pt pal

    2. great project bung.. mantap....

  2. Balasan
    1. desain bagian belakangnya juga mirip lpd..

      buat rumah kapal kecil pemburu nelayan..
      multi purpose coast guard and SAR

    2. Nah, ket wingi lg ngampet pengen ngomongke babagan desain kapal....keciandak, saiki ono bahane๐Ÿ˜‹

    3. Sssstttt bung smiling yen ciandak ora usah diomongke mundak kon ngepel gladak karet maneh

  3. Vietnam dah pengalaman kapal coast guardnya kecil2 ditabrak kapal coast guard cina sampe tenggelam sehingga vietnam buat kapal coast guard segede gaban biar menghadapi kapal coast guard cina yg se type dan sebesar dgn frigate 51A cina hehehe

    1. Sama indo juga om lg buat kapal coast guard yg gede2...lg musim...hehhehee

  4. Congrats Vietnam.. stronger and stronger... yesss...๐Ÿ™‹

  5. lpd juga bukan....tapi panjang kayak lpd..lpd berat 8000 ton lebih....ide nya bu susi malah lebih liar....kapal patroli perikanan panjang 163 meter

  6. ASEAN are the most stronger military forces in the world.

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