06 Mei 2013

Military to Acquire P40-M Grenades

06 Mei 2013

Smoke and fragmentation grenades (photo : jeeper)

MANILA, Philippines - The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) will acquire close to P40 million worth of hand grenades to be used for security operations.

A bid bulletin published in The STAR yesterday showed that the AFP will acquire 11,364 smoke grenades and 11,460 fragmentation grenades.

The government has allotted P19.944 million for the smoke grenades and P19.998 million for the fragmentation grenades.

The opening of bids will be on May 20 at the AFP Bids and Awards Committee Conference Room in Camp Aguinaldo.

The AFP assures the public that the process would comply with the provisions of the procurement law.

The acquisitions of smoke and fragmentation hand grenades are separate projects. Interested parties can submit bids for one project or for both.

To be qualified, prospective bidders should have undertaken similar projects within the last five years.

Bidders should have inked a single contract equivalent to at least 25 percent of the approved budget for each project.

They should also have completed at least two similar contracts, the total amount of which should be equivalent to at least 25 percent of the approved budget for the project.

The larger of the two contracts must be equivalent to at least 12.5 percent of the approved budget for the project.

Prospective suppliers may buy a set of bid documents worth P6,000 for each project from May 2 to 29 in Camp Aguinaldo.


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