02 Mei 2013

Selex ES Proposes to Deliver Generational Change to Australia’s Defence ATC

02 Mei 2013

Selex ES has partnered with BAE Systems for the RAAF AIR 5431 Phase 2 project  (photo : armedforces-int)

Selex ES has partnered with BAE Systems in a bid to replace radar surveillance sensors, providing new generation capabilities and increased operating efficiencies for Australia's Defence Air Traffic Control.

The team submitted a proposal this week for the Royal Australian Air Force AIR 5431 Phase 2 project. It involves replacing Air Traffic Control surveillance radars with proven integrated sensors at nine fixed base locations around the country.

The proposed solution includes the integration of air traffic control radar, tower transmitters and approach automation systems with the aim of increasing security protection. It also facilitates wider interoperability between military and civil air traffic management systems, ensuring continued safe and reliable air traffic control.

Selex ES' Vice President for Regional Marketing Michael Lenton said the relationship with BAE Systems began more than 20 years ago.

"We teamed up in 1993 to deliver a reliable Defence Air Traffic Management System in Australia, which we've jointly supported for more than two decades," said Mr Lenton. "It was the very best technology available then and has proven to be highly reliable over all these years.

"It's now time for a generational change and Selex ES is proposing a solution that embodies all the experience, innovation and reliability that has allowed it to deliver safe and secure air operations through its air surveillance radars in over 150 countries.

"By joining forces with BAE Systems Australia a second time, we're building on our strong track record and ensuring that the cutting edge technology of our radar systems will continue to enjoy the best local support services for a cost effective and dependable solution.

"This teaming approach will further strengthen our presence in Australia and will allow us to work in co-operation to promote key technologies," said Mr. Lenton.

BAE Systems Australia's Director of Business Development and Land & Integrated Systems, Kim Scott, said, "In teaming with Selex ES we bring together our complementary strengths, combining technological excellence with leading integrated system support."

The bid outcome is expected next year with system delivery starting from September 2017.


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