02 Mei 2013

Vietnamese Navy Bought the Russian Emergencies Simulator

02 Mei 2013

"Gefest" emergencies simulator (photo : Lenta)

Vietnamese Navy acquired from the St. Petersburg company "Aqua-Servis" simulator "Gefest"/Hephaestus, freelance modeling and emergency situations on board the ship. On this, as reported by the Central Navy Portal, the general director of the St. Petersburg Sergei Shevardyak. According to him, bought Vietnam training complex will be delivered to the customer by the end of 2013. Details of the transaction are not disclosed Shevardyak.

Complex "Gefest"/Hephaestus is based on shipping containers. It is able to simulate emergency situations on board ─ in simulated compartments sailors can work out ways to deal with water, fire and excessive smoke. Moreover, in the simulator includes foam compartment. Training complex "Hephaestus" is based on a modular, so can be deployed at short notice.

Earlier it was reported that training complexes "Gefest"/Hephaestus intends to purchase Russian Ministry of Defense. First, the military will receive one such complex, the results of tests which can be signed a contract for the supply of several systems "Gefest"/Hephaestus. The preliminary agreement on the delivery of training centers of the Russian Navy simulators emergencies achieved with the commander in chief of Navy Viktor Chirkov.

In 2011, the complex "Gefest"/Hephaestus acquired Coast Guard Border Service of Russia. This simulator is installed in Anapa.


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