10 Mei 2013

LINAPS Artillery Pointing Technology has been Selected by NZDF

10 Mei 2013

LINAPS Artillery Pointing System is a revolutionary selfcontained gun mounted navigation, pointing and weapon management system for all Artillery and Mortar platforms  (photo : finmeccanica)

Selex ES sees export success in UAE, New Zealand, Poland: €11.5M for artillery pointing systems

Boosting its drive for growth in export markets, Selex ES, a Finmeccanica company, has recently seen its LINAPS artillery pointing technology selected by a number of international customers in contracts totalling more than €11.5 Million. The contracts include;

An award from the New Zealand Defence Force to supply complete LINAPS systems for their L119 Light Gun fleet.

The core of the LINAPS system, the FIN3110 Inertial Navigation Unit, has also been selected for the Jobaria Defense Systems Multiple Cradle Launcher (MCL) system deployed by the United Arab Emirates. Each Jobaria platform will be equipped with five FIN3110 units, one in the cab to assist with navigation and fire control and a unit for each of the Jobaria’s four missile cradles to allow each launcher to aim independently.

Royal New Zealand Army L119 105mm light howitzer (photo : dividshub)

Selex ES has also been selected by the Polish Army to equip a number of its 155mm AHS Krab howitzers with the FIN3110 system.

LINAPS is a battle proven, gun-mounted navigation, pointing and weapon management system. It enables rapid and accurate artillery deployment in all weather conditions, day and night. The system is currently in active use in Afghanistan with the UK Royal Artillery and is in-service with Canada, Malaysia and Thailand. The FIN3110 Inertial Navigation Unit is the core of the LINAPS system and is based on the same ring laser-gyro technology. It provides a continuous and accurate navigation solution for platform crews. The FIN3110 has been installed on all of the British Army's AS-90 artillery systems and has been chosen for most UAE artillery systems including the G6 howitzer and upgraded M109L47.

"Export markets are central for our business in the coming years, so these are particularly important programmes." said Alastair Morrison, Senior Vice President, Radar and Advanced Targeting, adding "The LINAPS has been proven to deliver accurate and reliable data in all operations time and time again and we’re proud that artillery detachments are able to rely on the system."

(Selex ES)

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