28 Mei 2013

$15M Air Warfare Destroyer ‘Fit Out’ Contract

28 Mei 2013

Australian AWD (image : RAN)

Australian engineering company Taylor Bros has been awarded a $15 million contract for the installation and fit-out of the living spaces for the three Air Warfare Destroyers that are under construction at Techport Australia, SA.

Air Warfare Destroyer (AWD) Alliance CEO Rod Equid said the contract demonstrates how the project is continuing to offer economic benefits by providing valuable work for businesses in the supply chain.

“The awarding of work to fit-out the living spaces within the ships shows progress on the project as the Alliance moves into the consolidation and integration phase.  Consolidation of the first destroyer is well advanced and fabrication work is also underway on ships two and three,” Mr Equid said.

“Taylor Bros is an icon in Tasmania’s shipbuilding industry and are delivering a range of accommodation products to the project including cabin modules, on-board furniture and galley, pantry, refrigerated spaces and laundry equipment for all three ships.

“This latest contract will put Taylor Bros’ to work within the interior compartments of the ship to fit and install the accommodation equipment in order to create comfortable spaces for our future sailors to live and work.”

The contract will create jobs for up to 20 new fit-out specialists in South Australia with assistance provided by Taylor Bros Hobart facility.  This adds to more than 2500 people working directly on the project including engineers, naval architects, project managers, welders, electricians, designers and support staff. 

Taylor Bros Director Phillip Taylor welcomed today’s announcement saying this contract will provide another avenue of opportunity outside of Tasmania which is extremely important to the long term prosperity of the company.

“This is an exciting opportunity for us working in the Naval Defence industry at a time where local projects are scarce.  It will ensure we have ongoing involvement with the AWD Project through to the final acceptance by the Commonwealth in 2019,” Mr Taylor said.

The contract with Taylor Bros, signed by ASC on behalf of the AWD Alliance, includes fitting out the sleeping quarters, sanitary spaces and mess and living rooms for junior and senior sailors and officers.

Work will begin on installing the prefabricated officers’ accommodation and Chief Petty Officers’ cabins leading into the cool and cold rooms, galley and pantries.  Further work installing the laundry, junior sailors and medical compartments will continue once the ship is in the water. Other service compartments they will work on include the sick bay, examination and treatment rooms, supply storerooms and scullery for all ships. 

The AWDs are being built by the Air Warfare Destroyer Alliance, made up of the Commonwealth Government’s Defence Materiel Organisation, lead shipbuilder ASC and Mission Systems Integrator Raytheon Australia. The three world-class warships are to be delivered to Navy between 2016 and 2019.

(Aus AWD)

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