13 Mei 2013

Turkish Shipyard Introduces New Design of LST

13 Mei 2013

ADIK Landing Ship Tank (photo : ADIK)

Landing Ship Tank (LST) Project consists of acquisition of 2 ships through local design, construction and integration in order to meet operational requirements of Turkish Naval Forces Command.

The new generation Landing Ship Tank is a fast amphibious vessel of upper-intermediate size with its significant armament power. She will play the major role
of power projection with transporting huge quantities of fire support elements and marines in order to conduct amphibious operations. She also acts as a flag ship and logistic support vessel.

The responsibility of design, construction, system integration, performance and timely delivery is the responsibility of Anadolu Deniz İnşaat Kızakları Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. (ADIK)

Primary Function  :
Amphibious operations and troop transfer.

Secondary Function :
Fast humanitarian and rescue aid to disaster areas.Medical Aid and Transportation

ADIK Landing Ship Tank (center) surrounded by some ADIK Landing Craft Tank (photo : Navy Recognition)

Ship is a mono-hull type vessel, all steel construction, designed to meet the speed, sea keeping maneuverability and stability requirements of Turkish Naval Forces Command. Expected service life will be 40 years.

Technical Specification : 
Displacement : 7125 Tons
Length (LOA) : 138.75 m
Length (LWL) : 130.80 m
Beam : 19,60 m 
Draught : Less than 2.0 m forward, less than 5.0 m aft at full load 
Propulsion : 4 x main diesel engines 2880 kW each,
2x shafts, 2x controllable pitch propellers 
1x 500 kW bow thruster
Speed (max continuous) : 18 + knots at full load displacement.

Sea worthiness :
Ship will have an unlimited operation capability at Sea State-5 and will be operable with some limitations at Sea State-6 or higher. Unlimited helicopter operations at Sea State-4.

The LST is designed to carry about 24 Main Battle Tanks (photo : Navy Recognition)

Ship : 12 officers, 51 petty officers, 66 ratings 
Joint Group Headquarters : 17 officers 
Marines : 350
Ship is capable of carrying 1180 tons of mixed vehicles or cargo on vehicle and open decks at full performance.

Electric : 
4x785 kW Diesel Generators with Power Management System 380 V, 3 Phase, 50 Hz.

Rules and Regulations :
Stability as per BV – 1033


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