16 September 2015

Kasama Helicopter Signed a Partnership with Lockheed Martin

16 September 2015

Kasama Helicopter and Lockheed Martin agree on the partnership deal. (photo : DTI. TAF)

The Thai-RC and UAV developer Kasama Helicopter and world's leading defense and aerospace firm Lockheed Martin today signed the agreement to partner and exchange technologies in which we could see Kasama UAV on the Lockheed Martin's product list.

"Lockheed Martin is able to provide things we want such as flight control software or ground control station to develop the Vertical Take Off and Landind UAV to meet the military standard and Lockheed Martin can market the Kasama's product under its name", Kasama Taworn, CEO of the Kasama Helicopter added.

He also said Lockheed Martin is keen on Kasama's airframe technology and currently they do not have the UAV in this class in its list of product on offer.

Currently, the VTOL UAV - co-develop with Thai govenrment agency - has a mission endurance of 3 hours on only 6 liters of fuel. Total weight is 34 kg.


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