12 September 2016

Russia Proposed Buyan-M to Replace Vetnamese Tarantul

12 September 2016

Vietnamese Navy's Tarantul class ship (photo : truongton)

According to Sputnik, the rocket ships in the Vietnam Navy "Tarantul" is gradually becoming obsolete and should be replaced with a different type of modern warships.

Tarantul ship missile is a high speed and firepower is strong, the ship's main weapons include four anti-ship missiles P-15M Termit range of 80 km, 1 gunboat AK-176M range of 15 km along 2 flak AK-630M is not super speed at the stern.

Detail of Buyan M corvette (image : Ming)

Besides advantages, Tarantul also had several limitations such as the ship's air defense capability is very low because it is not equipped with missile interceptors that only professional naval version of the missile Igla-1M shoulder and reliability 2 fast dependable artillery AK-630M is not appreciated.

Tarantul often taking advantage of it thanks to the element of surprise, based on the same powerful high-speed anti-ship missiles to attack targets. However, before the strong development of the long-range reconnaissance technology, the element of surprise is very unlikely, if so, should be based on terrain and stealth features.

Buyan M corvettes (photo : vimeo)

Meanwhile, self-hydrodynamic design of high-speed missile boats of the 1970s Tarantul is old and does not have stealth capabilities can be very difficult to exploit the element of surprise. Another limitation of the scope of activities Tarantul is relatively limited, relatively short time at sea.

According to Russia, candidate to replace Vietnam Tarantul ships are ships Buyan-M missile. 

Buyan M corvette (photo : thesentinel)

Buyan-M Class warships are designed to combat duty missions against surface ships, with the requirement that weapons on board include: 1 A-190E gunboats 100mm turret designed with angled to increase scatter radar, artillery firing rate 80 play / minute, a maximum range of 20 km. The ship's main weapon is the vertical launch system with 8 bullets 14UKSK anti-ship missiles Kalibr range of 220 km.

Buyan M fires Kalibr missile (photo : russiadefence)

Defensive weapons including anti-aircraft artillery shot 1 fast double-barreled AK-630M2 Duet with much higher performance single barrel AK-630M, 2 air defense missile system 3M-47 short-range missiles Gibka use Igla-1M , 2 heavy machine gun 14,5mm machine gun and 3 7,62mm.

Electronic systems on board include: search radar air targets Pozitiv-ME1.2, MR-231 navigation radar and fire control system 5P Laska-10 launch system with 2 PK-10 bullets interference.

Kalibr missile (photo : defence.pk)

The ship is equipped with diesel Zvezda M520 motivation, motivation system will drive for 2 injection helps the engine operate more smoothly and ship more mobile. The maximum speed of the train reaches 25 knots / h, a range of about 2,500 km.

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  1. Lebih bagus daripada Diponegoro class buatan Belanda,

  2. Huh ....Kapal perang BUYAN M CLASS berpeluru kendali jarak jauh KALIBR .

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