15 September 2016

ST Kinetics Proposed Terrex 3 for British Army's MIV

15 September 2016

The ST Kinetics Terrex 3 was displayed for the first time at DVD 2016. It is one of the likely runners for the British Army's MIV 8x8 requirement. (photo : Jane's)

Bidders line up for British Army's MIV 8x8 requirement

Contenders for the British Army's Mechanised Infantry Vehicle (MIV) requirement were out in force at Defence Vehicle Dynamics (DVD) 2016 at Millbrook Proving Ground on 7 and 8 September.

MIV will be an 8x8 procured off-the-shelf and fitted with a minimum number of UK sourced sub-systems such as remote weapon station, communications, battle management system and seating. According to David Russell, MIV Team Leader "MIV is now in the concept phase" and with "the team building up rapidly".

Potential contenders that showed up at DVD 2016 were the Finnish Patria Armoured Modular Vehicle (AMV) and the latest AMV XP variant, the French Nexter Systems VBCI, Singapore Technologies Kinetics Terrex 3, the ARTEC Boxer, and from General Dynamics (GD) the Piranha 5 and General Dynamics Land Systems LAV. GD could also be in a position to offer the Stryker double-V-hull (SDVH), the LAV 6.0 or the LAV 700 depending on the UK requirements.

Double-V-Hull (DVH) concept (image : GD)

MIV is a 'Category A' programme and the acquisition strategy is now being firmed up.

While no numbers are available it is expected that between 300 and 350 MIV would be required with a potential initial operating capability of 2023. The vehicles will in part equip two battalions from within the new 'Strike Brigades' that the army is to form, these brigades will also include the Ajax tracked reconnaissance vehicle.

In addition to the baseline protected mobility (PM) variant of MIV (MIV-PM), other versions including a command and control (MIV-CC), ambulance (MIV-A), repair (MIV-REP) and recovery (MIV-REC) are also planned.

The baseline MIV is planned to be fitted with a Kongsberg Protector RWS armed with a 12.7 mm (.50 cal) machine gun although there is potential version with a heavier armament.


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  1. Seharusnya Pindad dan TNI AD tdk hanya berkutat di 6X6 tapi bisa naik status ke 8X8, Marinir sdh bergerak dgn panser 8X8 BTR 80A dan BTR 4 shg persenjataannya bisa lebih mumpuni minimal kanon cepat 25/30mm

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