05 Maret 2017

NORINCO Develops 76.2 mm Mobile Air-Defence System

05 Maret 2017

The NORINCO SA2 76.2 mm self-propelled anti-aircraft gun with its remote-controlled turret traversed to the front and showing some of the lowered stabilisers. (photo : Jane's)

China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO) has released details of its latest 76.2 mm self-propelled anti-aircraft gun (SPAAG), which is designated as the SA2.

Norinco SA2 76.2mm SPAAG (photo : Army Recognition)

The SA2 is mounted on a 6x6 cross-country truck chassis that is also used for a number other applications developed by Chinese defence manufacturers. Mounted on the rear of the platform is a remote-controlled turret armed with a 76.2 mm/59 gun.

Norinco SA2 76.2mm SPAAG (photo : Army Recognition)

The system is stated as having a cyclic firing rate of up to 110 rds/min, but as only 49 rounds of 76.2 mm ready-use ammunition are carried it will likely only fire in short bursts. The turret has a powered traverse through a full 360° and weapon elevation is from -2° to 85°.

The complete SA2 SPAAG system has a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 28 tonnes, a maximum road speed of 80 km/h and a cruising range of up to 450 km.

Norinco SA2 76.2mm SPAAG (photo : Defense Watch)

NORINCO claims an effective slant range of up to 10 km and an effective ceiling of 8 km - the range against fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters is quoted as 10 km and 6 km against unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and cruise missiles.

The system also has a secondary capability against some types of ground-based targets as well as coastal craft; the effective range in this role is quoted as 3 km.

Norinco SA2 76.2mm SPAAG (photo : Defense Watch)

Exact details of the natures of 76.2 mm ammunition fired by the weapon have not been revealed by NORINCO, but the weapon has a dual-feed system. In addition to conventional rounds of ammunition it can also fire a laser-guided projectile to provide an enhanced single shot kill (SSK) probability. The system is fitted with a muzzle velocity radar which feeds information to the fire-control computer.

The ordnance is also fitted with a fuze setting device and it is assumed that the weapon can fire a programmable round containing sub-munitions which are effective against smaller targets such as cruise missiles and UAVs.


3 komentar:

  1. 76mm...hmmn ukuran yg agak jarang buat anti pesawat. sperti ukrn pistol kapal laut yach.

    yg ini kopian dr mana kira2?rusia gak mungkin kyknya haha!

  2. Ngopi darimana ya...soale cina ga pernah beli kanon 76mm buatan otomelarat?

    Tapi Dijaman sekarang ini kan masih ada yang menggunakan kanon kaliber medium sbg senjata pertahanan udara, spt otomelara davide/strales 76mm atau thales rapidranger 40mm

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