06 Oktober 2023

Request for Proposal Issued for Bushmaster Communications Systems

06 Oktober 2023

New Zealand's Bushmaster PMV (photo : NZ MoD)

Defence has issued a Request for Proposal for services related to the design, build and installation of communications and digital systems, which will connect the new Bushmaster vehicle fleet for years to come.

“The new digital and communications systems will ensure New Zealand Army personnel can work anytime and anywhere, on domestic exercises as well as on multinational deployments with international partners,” said Huntley Wright, Assistant Secretary Capability Delivery, Ministry of Defence.

“The systems will help to keep New Zealand Army personnel safe, with the latest technologies providing real-time digital maps, secure radios and instant messaging. They will advance a soldier’s situational awareness, support their decision making, enable information collection, and improve secure communication between people and other vehicles.”

The Request for Proposal is asking for a Prime System Integrator who can deliver and support the communications and digital systems, from design through to installation, troop training, and equipment disposal. Some systems are being purchased through a separate contract, and will be integrated as part of this process.

There are 43 Australian-made armoured vehicles in the fleet, which come in five different variants including protected ambulances, troop transport, and mobile communications and command hubs.

A phased approach is being taken to kit out the fleet by 2026. Some vehicles have had radios installed, which are in use at Waiouru Military Camp for driver and commander training.

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  1. RONGSOK SCORPION = Scorpions to be retired. The Army has recommended that it’s fleet of Scorpion light tanks be retired due to the high cost of maintenance and obsolescence issues.
    RONGSOK CONDOR = Condor armoured 4X4 and Sibmas armoured recovery vehicle as retired from service as off January 1, 2023.
    RONGSOK SIBMAS = Condor armoured 4X4 and Sibmas armoured recovery vehicle as retired from service as off January 1, 2023.
    RONGSOK V150 = . It was used by the Malaysian Army in Second Malayan Emergency (now retired)
    SEWA 4x4 = the Malaysian Armed Forces were looking to lease Tarantulas, with the contract scheduled to be awarded in 2023.
    SEWA MOTOR = The Royal Military Police Corp (KPTD) celebrated the lease of 40 brand-new BMW R1250RT Superbikes

  2. Bushmaster RONGSOK INDON di sedekah sama Australia guys.... HAHAHAHAHA

    1. 8 bijik F-18 usang tersikit didunia produksi tutup....bosan cuma 8 bijik itu-itu sahaja

  3. Company officials told Janes at the exhibition that the Malaysian Armed Forces were looking to lease Tarantulas, with the contract scheduled to be awarded in 2023. The Mildef official has not confirmed whether the order for the 178 Tarantulas is for lease or purchase...

  4. Malaysian Defence was told that no contract for the supply of the armoured vehicles has been awarded though. It must be noted unlike the SPH deal which was cancelled by the PMX administration, the deal for the 4X4 remained in the background. Yes, I know I had stated both had been cancelled. But it appears that only the SPH deal had been officially cancelled.
    If you recalled, the previous Defence Minister DS Hishammuddin Hussein announced after the presentation of the proposed 2023 budget that the government was buying some 134 armoured vehicles together with unarmoured vehicles under a deal worth RM2 billion. The Janes story says 178 though.
    The budget was not approved as the Ismail Sabri government called for a general election a day after it was proposed. A new budget announced by PMX, was later passed by Parliament in February this year and did not include funds for the SPH and 4X4s.

  5. “Sehingga 28 Oktober 2020, jumlah pembayaran yang dibuat oleh Kerajaan kepada Boustead Naval Shipyard (BNS) ialah RM6.08 bilion,
    “Sejumlah RM400 juta telah digunakan oleh BNS untuk menyelesaikan hutang lapuk projek lama iaitu NGPV dan RM1.005 bilion diklasifikasikan sebagai cost overrun,” kata PAC dalam halaman 104 laporan itu.

    Bayar Hutang Lapuk untuk dapatkan kapal Lapuk. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. Alhamdulillah...dipandang sebagai teman

  7. Nntinya ApC P2 tiger di buat versi MRAP produk dlm negeri sndri.

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  9. Daripada segi perspektif LTAT, penjualan separa saham ini perlu dilaksanakan dengan segera kerana ia bertujuan untuk membolehkan masalah aliran tunai dan penyelesaian hutang Boustead dilaksanakan sebelum tahun kewangan berakhir 31 Disember 2023,
    “Ini adalah mustahak bagi mengelakkan daripada Boustead menjadi muflis sekiranya hutang tidak dilangsaikan pada masa yang ditetapkan,” kata Menteri Pertahanan ketika sesi penggulungan Kajian Separuh Penggal Rancangan Malaysia Ke-12 (RMK12).