29 Juni 2018

OCEA FPB 72 MKII “BORACAY” Loaded for Her Transport to Philippines

29 Juni 2018

BRP Boracay 2402 (photo : OCEA)

Further to the delivery of the “BORACAY – 2402” to the Philippines Coast Guard on the first of June 2018 in France, the vessel was loaded in Saint-Nazaire on Friday 8th June 2018 on a 140 m cargo for her transport to Philippines.

Her sister-ship “PANGLAO - 2401” has been launched earlier this month at the OCEA site in Les Sables d’Olonne.

This versatile and competitive 24 m type OCEA FPB 72 MKII is based on the model already operated by the Surinam Coast Guard (2 units) and Nigerian Navy (7 units) and adapted to meet the operational requirements of the Philippine Coast Guards.

She is designed to ensure typical Coast Guard missions such as:
-Coast Patrol of Territorial and Economic Zone Waters
-Surveillance and Coast Guard operations
-Fishing surveillance operations
-Smuggling, fight against illegal immigration and fishing activities
-Search and rescue operations
-Natural disaster management
-Control of vessels at sea


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