07 Juni 2018

PH Marines Get P178M Worth of Counter-Terror Gear from US

07 Juni 2018

New counter terror gear from US (photo : US Embassy)

The United States has handed over new personnel protective gear worth P178 million to the Philippine Marine Special Operations Group (Marsog) and Inshore Boat Battalion in support to the military’s counterterrorism efforts.

“The 525 sets of ballistic vests, lightweight ballistic plates, tactical ballistic helmets, and accessories provided through the Counterterrorism Train and Equip Program are valued at PhP 178 million ($3.4 million),” the US Embassy in Manila said in a statement on Wednesday.

The turnover of the counter-terror gear was held at Fort Bonifacio last May 31.

The equipment from the country’s long-time ally is seen “to provide increased protection for personnel conducting counterterrorism operations, as well as operations against transnational threats, specifically in the southern Philippines,” according to the US Embassy in Manila.

It is also expected “to fill critical equipment gaps” for Marsog, a counter-terrorism and special operations unit of the Philippine Marine Corps, the US Embassy in Manila added.


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  1. Kata mister erte, philipine benci sama mamarika !
    Rupanya benci tapi rindu to.....

    1. Sm kyk dmari broo...benci sm isrohell tp mash beli senjatanya...😆😆😆😆

    2. duterte ogah beli, tp welkam dpt hibah amrik. ituw taktik keren bingits, kerna dia tau ada udang dibaling rempeyek haha!🤠🤠🤠

  2. Trus negara jaguh tapi bangkrap kapan dapat hibah anti teror gear nih ???? mereka kalang kabut takde kuasa hadapi penceroboh sulu. Uncle tak kasian kah?