13 Juni 2018

Philippines Boosts Defence Spending for the Horizon 2 of the AFP Modernization Program

12 Juni 2018

Horizon 2 AFP Modernization (image : pdff)

Philippines boosts spending for second phase of military modernisation

The Philippine government has reportedly allocated PHP289 billion (USD5.46 billion) to procurement during the second modernisation phase of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), which runs from 2018 to 2023.

The figure, revealed by AFP officials in media reports on 9 June, represents a major increase over the PHP90 billion allocated for AFP procurement in the 2013–17 first phase.

Under the second stage of modernisation – known as horizon two – about PHP77 billion will be allocated to the Philippine Navy (PN), with this figure confirmed in a speech by President Rodrigo Duterte in May. The Philippine Army (PA) and Philippine Air Force (PAF) will share the remaining PHP212 billion. (Jane's)

Opposition solon bats for bigger budget for AFP modernization

MAGDALO partylist Rep. Gary Alejano is batting for a bigger budget for the modernization program of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), citing the presence of internal and external threats.

He proposed that the two percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP)- roughly P350 billion– should be allocated for defense spending annually.

“Kailangang lakihan ho natin kasi malaki ang pangangailangan natin, externally and internally. (We need to spend more because our (security) needs are getting bigger, externally and internally), ” he said.

He said P350 billion should be allocated every year for the AFP modernization program to achieve “credible defense.”

“We are at the mercy of those who have the intention of violating our rights, our sovereignty…which is what’s happening right now,” Alejano said, referring to China’s supposed aggression in the West Philippine Sea.

He maintained that the Duterte administration ordered the AFP to stop patrolling the West Philippine Sea.

He said he is “not making up stories and it is my principle and policy not to say something without basis.”

Based on the information he received, there was an instruction to stop patrolling in the Scarborough Shoal and West Philippine Sea because it might offend China.

Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenza and AFP spokesperson Colonel Edgard Arevalo said there was no such order.

“They can always say we have not received that information or we have not received that instruction. That’s all. Pero kung sasabihing koryente yan at gumagawa lamang ako ng kwento, i think that is already beyond their mandate,” Alejano said.

“I am a legislator. I know that. I can ask them in the budget hearing, I can ask them in a committee hearing nang diretsahan. I am not making up stories. In fact I support the Armed forces. Hindi ako kalaban ng Armed Forces,” he said. (Manila Bulletin)

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  1. MEF ala philipine

    Ayo PT.PAL, DI dan PINDAD
    Ada daftar yang mau dibeli oleh philipine, masuk daftar shoping mereka

    1. Yup, 3 LPD lagi, 2 MPA, Corvete/OPV, Light/Medium tank..potensial :)

    2. Koq model pembeliannya seperti Indonesia ya... Jangan2 ....

  2. they need equipment for the special forces division.."tactical logistics".

  3. Budget militer jiran kalah teruk dgn budget modernisation philippines...mabuhay philippines

    1. Perencanaan militer philipina jelas untuk pertahanan negara.
      Beda dengan semenanjung tidak terencana hanya untuk gaya gayaan dan untuk pamer saja.

    2. Yup.jelas bro.belinya aset tak ompong dan pasti lengkap.contohnya fh50 dr korea ada radar dan boleh bombing dan tembak misil. tak mcm t50 kau yg takde radar dan hanya letak pemberat dlm radome.


    3. Unknown@ tong,itu link thn berapa wkwkwk

    4. Unknown@ ko harus paham indonesia klo beli alat militer mcm gitu biar bisa upgrade lg

    5. Nah mampus malay makin ketinggalan wkwkwk project pertahanan ATM udah amburadul kagak jelas skrg akibat budget minim hahahaa

  4. Absolutely astonishing new defence budget era !!!

    With propose 2 percent of their GDP.. now dat is supercool...sumthin real big gonna happen on the upcoming years.

    Procurement of new Multi Role Fighters are separated from additional FA50 proposal is sounds like a plan. Good Job Philipines Army... hope you can achieved dat.

    Kalau baca potensi pengadaannya untuk kans produk Indonesia masuk sih kayaknya mappingnya seperti ini mas bro :

    1. Army : Light Tank and Fire Support Vehicle -> Black Tiger Tank and Badak Panser from PT.Pindad

    2. Air Force : Additional MPA and Helicopter -> Mungkin CN235 MPA, tambahan N212 dan Helikopter Puma from PT.DI

    3. Navy : Additional Fregat, Corvettes, 3 unit SSV LPD, potential Submarine in the future -> KCR 90mtr class with chinese armament C705 or C8XX, PKR class (after get approval from Damen), MRSS Banjarmasin class or LPD from PT.PAL. Submarine ? wait for 5 years after PT.PAL can designed and produced their own submarine. Time can wait...

    4. Contra Terorism : Individual Weapons and Tactical Vehicles, assault Boat & RHB -> SS gun and Komodo varian from P.PINDAD

    Any comments ? namanya juga ngayal sambil nunggu beduk maghrib... hehehehe :-D

    1. beduk magrib masih lamaaaa bang, jangan ngayal dulu

    2. Hahahaha iya masih 9 jam lagi mas..

    3. Ga ngayal banget laah.. :D
      Tinggal sales pabrikannya niat ngoyo opo ora... hwehehehe


    4. Contra terorism :
      1. Individual weapons and tools.
      2. Robot penjinak bom.
      3. Drone mini hornet.
      4. Tactical vehicles : Komodo dan lapis baja lainnya.
      5. Assault Boat dan RHIB.
      6. Assault helicopters (bell 412, lakota)
      7. Heavy lift Transport helicopters (chinook)
      8. Satelit
      9. Computer set for cyber crime team.

    5. Sebelumnya beli SPH, rocket 122mm

    6. KCR 90 meter nggak bakal ada.

      Yang bakal ada kemungkinan KCR 75 meter.

      Sedangkan yang 80-90 meter itu untuk korvet / OPV.

  5. Goo,, send sales marketing yg handal dari BUMNIS,,, rejeki jgn ditolak,, kejarr!