18 Februari 2016

Indonesia's BAKAMLA Shortlists Rajawali-350 for Shipborne UAV Requirement

18 Februari 2016

UMS SKELDAR's R-350 rotor-wing UAV. The Rajawali-350 is the Indonesian variant of the R-350 that will be co-produced in-country by PT Bhinneka Dwi Persada. (photo : UMS Skeldar)

Indonesian maritime security agency (Badan Keamanan Laut, or BAKAMLA) has shortlisted the Rajawali-350 rotor-wing UAV to meet its shipborne UAV requirement, Indonesian defence equipment manufacturer PT Bhinneka Dwi Persada (PT BDP) told IHS Jane's at the Singapore Airshow 2016.

The Rajawali-350 is based on UMS SKELDAR's vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) remotely piloted aircraft system known as the R-350. The system is being marketed under a partnership between PT DBP and UMS SKELDAR that was signed in December 2015.

"Should the Rajawali-350 be selected, we will be working with UMS SKELDAR to manufacture the UAV under licence at our premises in Cipinang, East Jakarta", said Christeven Bong, an executive engineer at PT DBP. BAKAMLA has indicated a requirement for three rotor-wing UAVs to bolster its maritime surveillance and search-and-rescue capabilities.

According to specifications provided by the company, the Rajawali-350 can take a maximum payload of 30 kg and features an endurance level of in excess of 4 hours. The platform is powered by a single turboshaft power plant and has a maximum level speed of 78 kt (145km/h). "The UAV can be equipped with air-droppable SAR pods, electro-optical and infra-red cameras for SAR and maritime surveillance missions", said Bong.

The BAKAMLA is expected to award a tender for the three UAVs by mid-2016.


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