19 Februari 2016

Indonesia Prepares for Second Shot at Philippine MPA Requirement

19 Februari 2016

CN235-220 MPA (image : PTDI)

Indonesian state-owned aircraft manufacturer PT Dirgantara has confirmed that it will be submitting a bid for the Philippine Department of National Defense's (DND's) second attempt to procure two maritime patrol aircraft (MPA) platforms.

The DND previously tried to acquire two MPAs for the Philippine Air Force (PAF) under a PHP5.97 billion (USD125 million) programme known as the Long-Range Patrol Aircraft (LRPA) acquisition project in 2014. However, the bidding process ended towards the middle of the year after contenders failed to meet technical and documentary requirements stipulated by the Philippine government.

Offering its CN235-220 MPA, PT Dirgantara was one of eight companies that submitted a bid in 2014.


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