23 Februari 2016

Air Warfare Destroyer Project Fires Key Weapon

23 Februari 2016

Leading Seaman Electronics Technician Jacob Ward at the firing panel of the Mk 25 Mod Two 25mm Typhoon during the weapons certification firing with the radar and Electro Optical Tracking System (EOTS) infrared on display at West Head Gunnery Range, Flinders, Victoria. (photo : RAN)

A key weapon system training platform for the Navy’s new Hobart class destroyers has reached the final stage of certification.

Leading Seaman Electronics Technician Jacob Ward took to the firing panel recently during a weapons certification firing trial of the Mk 25 25mm Typhoon at West Head Gunnery Range, Flinders Victoria.

The event marked the final stage of the acceptance of the Air Warfare Destroyer Close Range Defence System part task trainer comprising of the Mk 25 Mod 2 Typhoon, operating console and simulator.

On completion of the firing certification process, the system will be available to provide initial training to weapon system operators and maintainers posted to the HOBART Class guided missile destroyer (DDG).

Leading Seaman Ward said being part of a project for the most advanced destroyer Australia has ever built was a great experience.

“As an electronics technician I am much more used to maintenance and fault diagnosis than I am to testing a brand new capability,” he said.

“It was a pretty good experience to be part of the team certifying a key weapons system and knowing that it will be used for years to come in sailor training.”

The Navy is planned to have three Hobart Class destroyers to provide air defence for accompanying ships in addition to land forces and infrastructure in coastal areas, and for self-protection against missiles and aircraft.

The West Head Gunnery Range occupies an area of approximately 16 hectares on the Mornington Peninsula, and is located approximately 70km south of Melbourne.

The Range was originally used by the Army in the 1890s as a shore battery and was taken over by the Royal Australian Navy in 1958.


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