29 Februari 2016

Coast Guard Plans to Acquire 92-meter MRRVs

29 Februari 2016

92-meter MRRV will be acquired from Japan (photo : pdff)

MANILA (PNA) -- Plans are underway for the acquisition of a 92-meter multirole response vessels (MRRVs) for the Philippine Coast Guard.

This was disclosed by PCG commander Rear Admiral William Melad in an interview after his visit to the "People Power Experiential Museum" Thursday at Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City.

Negotiations between the Department of Transportation and Communications and Japan International Cooperation are now ongoing for this project, he said.

The proposed vessels are patterned after existing 92-meter ships already in the inventory of the Japan Coast Guard.

Melad said having 92-meter MRRVs in the PCG is part of their strategic development plan which seeks to acquire 80-meter to 125-meters ships.

Bigger ships mean an increase in the patrol, loiter and carrying capacity of the vessels aside from having sufficient room for modernization and upgrades.

At present, the biggest and sophisticated PCG craft are the four Tenix-made EDSA-DOS class which is around 56-meters long and features a helipad and decompression chamber.

These ships were commissioned between 2001 to 2005. 


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