25 Februari 2016

Vietnam Confirmed Purchasing of 20 Israeli EXTRA

25 Februari 2016

EXTRA rocket system has a range around 150km (photos : BaoDatViet)

According to a report recently published SIPRI said, Vietnam has purchased 3 systems SPYDER-SR missiles, S-125 Pechora-2T, and especially the 20 combinations EXTRA rockets.

EXTRA missile developed by Israeli defense companies Military Industries (IMI) and has been exported to foreign countries to remain anonymous, even if the Israeli army has not yet entered service this weapon system.

EXTRA has a range of around 150 km, the weight of 150 kg missile, circular error probability (CEP) of about 10 m. Meanwhile, 155 mm artillery shells by US standards is expected to be 200-300 m CEP at much more modest range.

EXTRA capable of launching from a variety of means to carry, launch tubes are assembled in clusters of 2 to 16 to release results from the ground. Cluster launch tubes can be mounted on trucks or in highly mobile battlefield fixed. EXTRA bullet to the airtight container should have a long life and low maintenance costs.

With the above advantages, EXTRA very suitable to equip the army artillery, rockets coast of Vietnam People's Navy. EXTRA can appropriately arranged on the islands are small as some floating islands of the Spratly Islands of Vietnam.

Thus, along with the system EXTRA, Vietnam Navy also have 4K51 Rubezh, Bal-E, Bastion-P and REDUT, the system will create a network of integrated coastal defense navy new Vietnam, which is a dense network of 5 levels, assuming the role of attack to different defenses.

Because according to sources from the Corporation tactical missile (KTRV) of Russia in mid-2015, Vietnam was the second country after Russia put to equip the missile defense coast Bal-E advanced .

Shore missile systems to undertake this important task is to control the seas and the Strait area; protect naval bases, protection and infrastructure targets on our shores, as well as the coast guard on the direction of the enemy can amphibious warships.

The combination of short range missile defense Bal-E is capable of effectively supporting the missile defense Bastion-P coast range that Vietnam Navy is using while the lower price. Bal-E is one of the missile defense system to maneuver coast, capable of sudden attacks and massively into the enemy ships, change the battlefield in a short time, then re ready to make a the next powerful attack.

Bal-E Mobile Coastal Missile System with Kh-35 Uran missile 

Bal-E has good maneuverability, firepower and high precision, can be operational in all weather conditions, with the ability to lead a fully autonomous rocket after launch in conditions of antagonism firepower and electronic radio's keeper.

Owning missile system Bal-E coastal defense forces Vietnam can solve tactical missions-campaign with minimal cost by building a system of exploitation and repair unique missile most, by type Kh-35E missiles to equip combinations Bal-E was no stranger to the Navy in Vietnam.


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